Living out our ambition

World map with Canada, United States, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Egypt and France highlighted

During this unprecedented time, we must all do our part.

Cities large and small are being severely tested with the COVID-19 pandemic as they simultaneously battle health, economic and social crises. Although hot-spot cities such as New York continue to grab headlines, many smaller communities – like those where we operate – also are dealing with the COVID-19’s negative impact. The virus and its control measures have upended lives and stressed healthcare systems, small businesses, vulnerable groups living in quarantine, schools and education, and social services.

Focused on building resiliency

We understand that the resiliency of the communities in which we operate is central to our success – today and tomorrow. That’s why Dow is taking action during this pandemic to support non-profit partners who are on the front lines and serving those in need. Providing meals to low-income families. Donating protective equipment to first responders. Bringing care packages and health supplies to the homeless and migrant workers.

As we work with these local nonprofit partners across the world, we are focused not only on providing financial support, but also engaging our employees through virtual volunteerism and by leveraging their pro bono expertise.

Collaborating with community partners globally

infographic describing Dow's community involvement

  • Malaysia: Partnering with HOPE Worldwide Malaysia, Dow is supporting care-packs of groceries for 200 low-income families.
  • Singapore: Dow employees rallied to raise funds for migrant workers heavily impacted by the pandemic. Funds provided phone plans to connect migrants to families back home.
  • China: Dow and a customer jointly donated sanitizers and sprays to community workers and health workers at nine hospitals in Hubei.
  • Canada: A local FIRST robotics team, supported by Dow employees, produced 3D-printed hand sanitizer holders and ear savers for first responders.
  • United States (D.C.): Our Government Affairs team leveraged its relationships and insights to help a customer return to work after it was deemed “non-essential.”
  • United States (Texas): Dow in partnership with a customer provided needed plastic wrap for fresh produce delivered by a regional food pantry, helping to meet local hunger needs.
  • Belgium: Dow donated protective equipment to the La Louvière fire brigade, helping first aid responders who were transporting COVID-19 positive hospital patients but faced equipment shortages.
  • France: Through collaboration and financial donation, Dow partnered with Femmes de Foot to provide healthy food for front-line employees of Samu 67 and Strasbourg hospitals.
  • India: Dow India employees kick-started a fund-raising campaign to provide essential food and hygiene supplies to the homeless, who were displaced and marginalized under the severe lockdown restrictions. Funds raised by employees were matched by Dow to accelerate relief measures.
  • Egypt: Dow partnered with the Egyptian Food Bank to provide food relief to disadvantaged communities who were extensively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Cairo and Giza. About 1,900 families, with an average of four members each, received food boxes containing the essential supplies.
  • Brazil: Together with its partners and other organizations, Dow launched a global fund to support to support waste pickers. To protect this underserved community’s health and safety, the fund helped provide masks, gloves and handwashing stations. Additionally, food rations and supplementary income will be provided where pickers are unable to work because of the pandemic.
  • Global: We have begun mobilizing resources for immediate relief and long-term recovery, including $3.7 million in donations. We are coordinating with international partners providing critical services to individuals.

During this unprecedented time, we must all do our part. As we address this crisis, let’s work together to support a path to recovery that includes all our citizens and results in sustainable, strong communities.