What’s next for global sustainability? Find out at the Sustainability Next Summit.

Join Dow virtually on November 16


On November 16, Dow is hosting the Sustainability Next Summit – a virtual event bringing together our partners, customers and colleagues from around the world to explore the global sustainability ecosystem.

This Summit could not come at a more crucial time. As Dow celebrates its 125th anniversary, sustainability is at a global inflection point. While sustainability commitments are accelerating rapidly from businesses and institutions alike, we need to scale the critical infrastructure and technology to build the industrial ecosystems of the future. Of equal importance, consumer preferences toward products are shifting rapidly, pushing companies around the world to prioritize sustainable products and processes in new ways. And in turn, companies continue to explore the value of sustainability from every angle – from cost reduction and reputation to talent and innovation. As the leading materials science company, Dow is joining with Fast Company to bring together stakeholders from public and private sectors to consider the opportunities and challenges ahead as we work toward sustainable solutions.

“As the leading materials science company, Dow is bringing together stakeholders from public and private sectors to consider the opportunities and challenges ahead as we work toward sustainable solutions.”

Our Summit’s lineup of panel discussions will address critical issues facing our industry today, and we’ve invited an exciting array of speakers to share their perspectives. From the impact of local policy on recycling efforts to the way eco-focused consumer behaviors are changing, these business executives and industry thought leaders are coming together to focus on learnings and solutions. These sessions will also provide a look into the partnerships and priorities Dow is prioritizing to innovate a more sustainable future and #ImagineBetter.

These are the highlights from each panel I’m especially excited about:

Panel 1: Global Opportunities: How Policy Plus Innovation Can Make a Big Impact

Panelists from across the globe share their unique perspectives on how local policies are impacting plastics and individual priorities when it comes to sustainability. David Carroll, Director of External Affairs at Plastics Europe, Dylan de Thomas, Vice President of Public Policy at The Recycling Partnership, Changhua Wu, CEO of Beijing Future Innovation Center and Gui Brammer, CEO of Boomera Ambipar, will serve as our expert panelists.

Panel 2: The Future of Sustainable Cities

What is the future of waste management infrastructure? As Dow makes progress on its Transform the Waste target, this session will explore various global cities that serve as models for the cities of the future when it comes to waste infrastructure and the circular economy. Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director of the Resilient Cities Network, Larissa Sakamoto, Senior Program Manager at Delterra, Han Zhang, Global Sustainability Director at Dow and Jessica Long, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Closed Loop Partners, will dig into the public and private opportunities for circular investment in cities.

Panel 3: Recycling Innovations: What’s New and What’s Next

I’ll join Oliver Borek, Chief Commercial Officer of Mura Technology, and Tara Hemmer, Chief Sustainability Officer of Waste Management, to examine the evolution of recycling processes. We will share our perspectives on the promising future of recycling technology and plastics innovation as the demand for post-consumer recycled materials grows.

Panel 4: Consumer Shelf in the Age of Sustainability

As consumer preferences shift toward more sustainable products and packaging, Jeremy Wallach, Partner at McKinsey & Company, Veronica Riojas, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo in Latin America, Hugo Menilo, Global Foods Packaging Director at Unilever and Ann Tracy, Chief Sustainability Officer at Colgate, will end our Summit with a thought-provoking discussion on the future of consumer products.

Dow’s own Chief Sustainability Officer Andre Argenton will close out the day with his thoughts on the future of sustainability and where Dow is investing in the technologies and partnerships that can advance a circular economy and a greener future.

“It’s an honor to consider sustainable solutions alongside my fellow panelists at Sustainability Next – because if there’s anything we know about the future, it’s that it is only achievable by prioritizing innovation and collaboration.”
- Han Zhang

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Haley Lowry, Director of Sustainability at Dow