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A Fresh Perspective

Since partnering with Dow in 2017, the Produce Rescue Center at the Montgomery County Food Bank has kept millions of pounds of fresh food out of landfills and distributed it to people in need.

Larry Effler


Development Scientist, Dow

When Larry Effler heard of how perfectly nutritious food was going to waste because it couldn’t be distributed in time to families in need, he saw a solution in 100% recyclable polyethylene bags. Not only did he find a way to extend the shelf life of fresh food by up to three weeks, he helped the Produce Rescue Center take an important step toward a circular economy, where neither food nor plastic goes to waste.

John Kreger


Director of Sourcing and Industry Partnerships, Montgomery County Food Bank

John Kreger’s dream of saving fresh produce from the landfill started to come true when he started talking to Dow. By using Dow’s 100% recyclable polyethylene bags, John and the Produce Rescue Center discovered a powerful advantage in their race against food spoilage: “We can kind of freeze time for a little bit.” As a result, the food bank’s output has doubled, with more growth expected as the partnership continues.

Jennifer Ronk


Sustainability & Advocacy, Dow

Jennifer Ronk joined Dow because she saw an opportunity to help make a more sustainable future a reality. For her, Dow’s partnership with the Produce Rescue Center has been particularly inspiring. Instead of just talking about sustainability, Dow and the Produce Rescue Center are actually working side by side toward a circular economy where nothing goes to waste. I can’t think of anything more exciting than helping to make that happen.

Filling stomachs, not landfills.

The Produce Rescue Center and Dow innovations like recyclable polyethylene bags make it possible to feed more families, prevent food spoilage and reduce plastic waste, all at the same time.


million pounds of food saved from landfills since 2017 by the Produce Rescue Center


million pounds of fresh food distributed to hungry families in 18 months by the Produce Rescue Center

1 in 9

people on the planet are undernourished*


* Data from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

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