7 packaging award winners that will inspire you

Mar 17, 2020 | Karin Katzer

By shining a light on packaging innovation we can inspire continued progress.

Before we look ahead to breakthrough packaging innovations, I want to take a moment to reflect on some packaging award winners from 2019.

The Packaging Innovation Awards are not simply about recognition. Their purpose is to honor innovation, in an effort to encourage continued advancement in the industry. By recognizing packaging innovation, we hope to inspire others to push forward, to not give up on their ideas and to continue pursuing designs that will bring positive change. Visit our packaging awards webpage to learn more: www.dowpackagingawards.com.

Here are seven packages from 2019 that inspired me.

DNP Functional Film Complex PET Plastic Bottle winner of the Diamond Award in the 2019 Packaging Awards

Diamond award-winning packaging

DNP Functional Film Complex PET Plastic Bottle by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

When you are packaging high-end products, you want a package that exemplifies the luxury of your product. You want consumers to instantly associate your product with quality and luxury. The DNP bottle enables brands to achieve this luxury, without the typical risks associated with using glass. Achieving glass-like luxury, the DNP Functional Film Complex PET Plastic Bottle provides the same type of functionality but it is virtually unbreakable. Its lightweight design makes it more efficient to ship and transport. Most importantly it is recyclable.

Tide Eco-Box a Diamond Finalist in the 2019 Packaging Awards

Packaging designed for e-commerce

Tide Eco-Box by Procter & Gamble

With the rapid rise of e-commerce, packaging has to change. There is a whole new set of challenges that come with shipping products to a consumer’s home versus the consumer transporting them from store to home. It often means more layers of packaging to protect the product. Tide took a look at their detergent packaging with this trend in mind. The Tide Eco-Box is designed to be shipped directly to consumers’ doorsteps, which means no secondary or protective packaging required. This revolutionary design uses 60% less plastic than the equivalent bottle (150 oz.) and contains an ultra-concentrated detergent formula. Additionally its no-drip tap delights customers with ease-of-use and less mess.

Trumans Starter Kit a Diamond Finalist in the 2019 Packaging Awards

A new system for cleaning product packaging

Truman’s Starter Kit

Why use a great package only once? Truman’s developed a way to get more use out of a seemingly simple household item… the spray bottle. Truman’s Starter Kit provides consumers with everything they need to reinvent their cleaning routine. Consumers can repeatedly refill the bottle by connecting one of Truman’s concentrated cleaning products and water from their sink. Truman’s spray bottle is designed to work with their cleaning product cartridge system. The cartridges are recyclable and use 96% less plastic than a traditional cleaning product container.

Finish 0 percent a Gold winner in the 2019 Packaging Awards

Giving new life to a stand up pouch

Finish 0% by RB and Drukpol.Flexo

There are unique challenges that come with packaging a product sensitive to moisture and contamination. This is why many pouch packages require multiple layers that inherently make them unrecyclable. RB and Drukpol.Flexo came together to develop a stand up pouch for Finish 0% that is recyclable. They overcame barrier challenges to deliver a mono-material design that maintains important performance attributes required for their wrapper-free detergent pods, which are also free from intentionally added phosphates, perfume and unnecessary additives. The pouch’s all-polyethylene structure allows it to be recycled in existing polyethylene recycling streams.

TruSnap with TwistCap Paint Container a Silver winner in the 2019 Packaging Awards

Changing the way we package paint

TruSnap with TwistCap Paint Container by KW Container

When you think of a can of paint you probably imagine a metal can. What happens to that metal paint can when you have finished painting? KW Container is breaking stereotypes by redesigning the traditional paint can. Their TruSnap Container is made of 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled after use. Its triple triple-lock seal snaps on and off to prevent dents and leaks, and it is designed to keep the paint or coating inside as fresh as the day you opened it.

Sustainable Gel Packs a Silver winner in the 2019 Packaging Awards

Keeping meal kits cool

Sustainable Gel Packs by Blue Apron

If you have ever received a meal kit, you have likely noticed the large ice packs included to keep the products inside fresh and safe. But what do you do with these large ice packs once your meal has been delivered? Blue Apron transitioned to a gel pack that consumers can safely drain in their household sink. Once drained the package itself can be recycled in existing polyethylene streams, like store-drop off programs. The formulation was developed by gel pack manufacturer, Nordic Ice.

Love Beauty and Planet a Silver winner in the 2019 Packaging Awards

Valuing purpose in product and packaging

Love Beauty and Planet by Unilever

This is an innovation in product and package. Love Beauty and Planet by Unilever is the company’s first vegan beauty brand. The products are not tested on animals, made from natural extracts and certified by Vegan Act and PETA. They come in a fully recyclable plastic bottle. Love Beauty and Planet aims to minimize its environmental footprint in a holistic way by considering all aspects of the product journey, including ingredients and packaging.

I am looking forward to the breakthrough packaging that will be honored through this year’s Packaging Innovation Awards. By shining a light on packaging innovation we can inspire continued progress. Learn more about the packaging awards.