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Explore inspiring articles and case studies about the people on Team Dow making positive change around the world. Discover how their collaboration and expertise help them imagine better to create a more sustainable future.

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The Seek Together podcast series
Person on cell phone shopping on-line, Mehdi Miremadi, Dan Futter and the Seek Together podcast logo
Listen to Episode 7: The Future of Digital

Listen to this episode to hear how Dow is leveraging digital transformation for a better customer experience.

Graphic featuring Zach Green, Wendy Takeguchi, John Holm, a river winding through a valley and a Seek Together Podcast logo
Don't miss Episode 6: Water & Waste

How can cleaning Alaska's coast lead to raw materials for industry? Hear about Dow's collaboration with partners for a circular solution.

Graphic featuring an artist work on a sculpture, similar sculptures and a Seek Together Podcast logo
Join us for Episode 5: The Art of Finding Opportunity

Hear how art can alter perspectives, inspire innovation and help us #ImagineBetter.

Graphic featuring a sports field, Bob Plishka, Roger McLendon and a Seek Together Podcast logo
Tune in to Episode 4: Sustainability in Sports

Explore how collaboration between organizations, communities, athletes and fans can make sports more sustainable for all.

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