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Our blog articles and case studies are stories about people. Stories about vision, ambitions and actions toward a more sustainable, equitable world. Through these stories, we aim to be a source of inspiration around the power of collaboration and materials science.

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Watch examples of how our partnerships deliver a brighter future for people and planet – present and future.

Building schools with recycled plastic bricks

Footwear shaped to your exact anatomy

Learning disabilities are no match for these Dow interns

Case Studies
Because materials are the building blocks of 96% of manufactured goods,opportunities to create better, faster, lighter, more sustainable products are endless.
Sun shining through through a tree in an Australian forest
Net Zero Australia: Finding collaborative pathways to a carbon-neutral future

By working together, academia, business and government can identify pathways and address the technological needs to build the low-carbon economies we all need.

Dow Employee Resource Groups Stepped Up and Took Action in 2020

To combat the separation brought by the pandemic, ERGs identified and implemented new ways to connect Team Dow.

Retro and modern buildings
What if buildings were designed not just to shelter us, but to inspire us?

Inspiring the “futurescape” with 50 years of Dow technology.

Case studies