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From unparalleled research capabilities to sustainability initiatives and diversity & inclusion measures, our partnerships strengthen corporate efforts and help better our world. Join us as we build stronger stories of collaboration through our blog posts, thought leadership pieces, case studies, and more.

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Watch examples of how our partnerships deliver a brighter future for people and planet – present and future.

Building schools with recycled plastic bricks

Footwear shaped to your exact anatomy

Learning disabilities are no match for these Dow interns

Case Studies
Because materials are the building blocks of 96% of manufactured goods,opportunities to create better, faster, lighter, more sustainable products are endless.
Young students laughing and celebrating in their classroom
Crowdsourcing support for schools

As the Covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges to teachers, Dow sought to find innovative solutions to help fund classrooms in our communities.

person holding cotton flower on top of folded clothing
Combining expertise for more sustainable fashion

Dow partnered with Cotton Incorporated to develop a sustainable solution for the fashion industry's water resource-intensive cotton dyeing process.

Aerial view wind turbines
Winding up towards a sustainable energy future

Collaboration with DowAksa results in new technology to support the wind industry.

Case studies