Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at the University of Michigan

The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at the University of Michigan prepares future leaders to make a positive difference in organizations worldwide.

The program brings together interests related to water, energy, health, consumption, sustainable chemistry, transportation, built environment, climate change, biodiversity, human behavior, environmental law, and public policy, among others.

The program supports full-time graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral scholars at U-M committed to finding interdisciplinary, actionable, and meaningful sustainability solutions on local-to-global scales.

Why is Dow investing in this program?

Today’s scholars are tomorrow’s leaders. Dow is proud to partner with the University of Michigan, one of the world’s top educational institutions dedicated to interdisciplinary solutions for sustainability, to offer the UM-Dow Sustainability Fellows Program.

Dow believes in the power of the Human Element – people coming together and collaborating to solve the world's most pressing challenges. As a world leader in combining the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress, Dow advances sustainability by collaborating at the intersections of business, government and society – with not only academic institutions, but also customers, suppliers, governments, communities and civil society.

The Dow Sustainability Fellows Program includes masters/professional, doctoral and postdoctoral Fellows who employ interdisciplinary thinking, welcome diverse stakeholder perspectives and collaborate with one another within and across schools to deliver research projects with significant potential for impact on local-to-global scales.

A diverse set of the university’s schools have participated, including engineering, business and public policy, among others. Projects are equally diverse, ranging from innovative recycling projects to urban shrimp farming in Detroit to advising the city of Ann Arbor on floodplain policy. Find out more about recent projects.

Perspectives from Dow Leadership


“At Dow, we know that the most successful partnerships are formed when there is a foundational belief that business interests and public interests should be aligned in order to create long-terms solutions for the greater good of humanity. Our collaborative partnership pushes aside the standard thinking and supports unique models that will give rise to the next generation of innovators in Michigan and across the world.”

Dow Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew N. Liveris
March 12, 2012; Program launch event at The Detroit Economic Club
"We need to equip our leaders of tomorrow with an education experience that mirrors the real world they are inheriting. That world requires unprecedented collaboration across professions and topics to institute change that we will all benefit from."

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