Carnegie Mellon

Researchers at Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University bring a strength in computer science and process engineering to projects with Dow designed to improve both innovation and execution.

Key Research

  • Fundamentals of Handling Solids
  • Control Systems Engineering for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimization


Dr. David Parrillo, Global Research and Development Director for Packaging and Specialty Plastics, The Dow Chemical Company.

Did You Know?

Carnegie Mellon University is a global research university with more than 12,000 students and 95,000 alumni, and 5,000 faculty and staff. Among its distinguished alumni, Carnegie Mellon has 49 members of the National Academy of Engineering, 13 members of the National Academy of Science, and 19 Nobel Laureates.

News and Highlights


Dow and Carnegie Mellon have collaborated for many decades to publish in leading scientific journals. Recent publications include:


  • Nie, YS; Biegler, LT; Villa, CM; Wassick, JM. 2014. Reactor modeling and recipe optimization of ring-opening polymerization: Block copolymers.INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 53, 18, 7434-7446.
  • Rawlings, BC; Kim, J; Moon, I; Ydstie, BE. 2014. Symbolic verification of control systems and operating procedures. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 53, 13, 5299-5310.
  • Harjunkoski, I; Maravelias, CT; Bongers, P; Castro, PM; Engell, S; Grossmann, IE; Hooker, J; Mendez, C; Sand, G; Wassick, J. 2014. Scope for industrial applications of production scheduling models and solution methods. COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 62, 161-193.
  • Syal, M; Duah, D; Samuel, S; Mazor, M; Mo, Y; Cyr, T. 2014. Information framework for intelligent decision support system for home energy retrofits. JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT 140, 1.
  • Nie, YS; Witt, PM; Agarwal, A; Biegler, LT. 2013. Optimal active catalyst and inert distribution in catalytic packed bed reactors: Ortho-xylene oxidation. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 52, 44, 15311-15320.
  • You, FQ; Grossmann, IE. 2013. Multicut benders decomposition algorithm for process supply chain planning under uncertainty. ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH 210, 1, 191-211.
  • Samudra, AP; Sahinidis, NV. 2013. Optimization-based framework for computer-aided molecular design. AICHE JOURNAL 59, 10, 3686-3701.
  • Nie, YS; Biegler, LT; Villa, CM; Wassick, JM. 2013. Reactor modeling and recipe optimization of polyether polyol processes: Polypropylene glycol. AICHE JOURNAL 59, 7, 2515-2529.
  • Calfa, BA; Agarwal, A; Grossmann, IE; Wassick, JM. 2013. Hybrid bilevel-Lagrangean decomposition scheme for the integration of planning and scheduling of a network of batch plants. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH 52, 5, 2152-2167.

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