Dow and the Nature Conservancy: 10 years of sustainable business

In 2011, Dow and The Nature Conservancy set out to demonstrate how companies can incorporate the value of nature into business decisions. The collaboration was built on a simple premise: when a company makes a fully informed decision on how its operations rely on and affect nature, it can lead to better outcomes for business and for conservation. Learn more about our collaboration below, and catch this blog article: “Dow and The Nature Conservancy: 10 years of collaborating on the business case for nature.”

A collaboration for sustainability

Scientists, engineers and economists from both Dow and The Nature Conservancy have worked together to analyze the various services that nature provides to our operations and the community. The groundbreaking collaboration has demonstrated how nature-based projects deliver value, mostly from avoided costs, to Dow, while also providing a larger suite of benefits, including improved air quality, better water quality and healthier ecosystems.


A novel collaboration

Dow and The Nature Conservancy partner to help Dow and the business community recognize, calculate and incorporate the value of nature into business decisions, strategies and goals.


Making the business case for nature

The collaboration conducts pilots at Dow sites to help build the case for why businesses should invest in nature. Research shows that forests could be used to reduce air pollution and that natural solutions could help protect business assets from storm damage.


Dow’s $1B bet

Part of its 2025 Sustainability Goals, Dow’s “Valuing Nature” goal is the first-ever commitment by a corporation to systematically consider nature in its business decisions on such a major scale.


Developing simple-to-use tools

The collaboration launches the ESII Tool, designed to help corporate, government and organization decision makers rapidly assess the value of nature to a business or community.


Nature Goal Rollout with Dow Sites Globally

Conducted Nature Goal workshops at 32 Dow sites in 12 countries to further embed the concept of incorporating nature into Dow’s decisions at the site level, with a focus on both methodology and culture change.


Assessing ecosystem service benefits

The collaboration team works with scientists at the Natural Capital Project to integrate consistent data on the environmental conditions at Dow’s global sites and to develop the Nature Scorecard, a tool to better assess the natural capital impacts of different types of projects.


Halfway to $1B

Dow achieves >$500 million in business value, mostly through avoided costs, through projects that are good for business and better for ecosystems as part of its 2025 Valuing Nature goal.

Success stories
It started with a question graphic
Our journey to valuing nature

Our Chief Sustainability Officer Mary Draves talks about how a leading conservation group and chemical company launched a groundbreaking collaboration.

3 stages of the green wall
Clean air: A greener wall

In Aratu, Brazil, a natural engineered wall that incorporates native plants has stabilized a slope, bringing environmental benefits over conventional alternatives.

Aerial view of area turned to wetland
Healthy ecosystem: Turning an ash pond to a wetland

A former ash pond becomes a wetland, reducing operational and maintenance costs while improving natural habitat.

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