Dow and The Nature Conservancy: Building on 10 years of conservation and sustainability

In 2011, Dow and The Nature Conservancy set out to demonstrate how companies can incorporate the value of nature into business decisions. The collaboration was built on a simple premise: when a company makes a fully informed decision on how its operations rely on and affect nature, it can lead to better outcomes for business and for conservation. Now 10 years later, learn more about our collaboration below, and how we continue to leverage sustainable solutions across key Dow sites.

Our collaboration

Scientists, engineers and economists from both Dow and The Nature Conservancy have worked together to analyze the various services that nature provides to our operations and the community. The groundbreaking collaboration has demonstrated how incorporating nature as part of every business decision and developing nature-based solutions for projects can deliver value, mostly from avoided costs, to Dow. Sustainability efforts like these also providing a larger suite of benefits, including improved air quality, better water quality and healthier ecosystems.

Our progress

Ten years ago, The Nature Conservancy and Dow announced the first-of-its-kind collaboration with the goal of demonstrating how companies can incorporate the value of nature into business decisions. Learn more about how this historic collaboration prioritizes nature and sustainable solutions across the value chain to create a positive impact on our environment today.
A pelican stands on a submerged rock in water
Our journey to valuing nature

Mary Draves, our Chief Sustainability Officer, discusses how a leading conservation group partnered with one of the top materials sciences companies to launch a groundbreaking collaboration.

A group of birds begin taking flight
Our decade of success

As we grow our partnership, we look back at historic milestones that brought us to where we are today. See how our shared vision evolves over time with how we’re piloting projects, developing methods and tools across the business, implementing nature-based solutions and embedding nature within Dow’s culture and business decisions.

Our annual wrap-up from our collaboration

A scenic shot of wetlands at Texas Operations
2017 Summary report
A scenic shot of wetlands at Texas Operations
2016 Summary report