Welcome to the Plastics Unwrapped podcast

Join us on a journey to explore and better understand the world of sustainability and plastics, through bite-sized episodes featuring a range of guest experts.

Plastics Unwrapped explores key topics across each episode–from exploring the emotional responses we associate with plastics to what the future of recycling in Europe could look like.

Society has come to rely on plastic’s social and economic benefits, leading to growing demand. But plastic’s low-cost, everyday presence in our lives means we often take it for granted. This has resulted in it being too easy to use and then needlessly throw-away. At Dow we believe plastic is too valuable a resource to be thrown away or lost to landfill.

We believe plastics can absolutely be part of a sustainable future when it is used wisely and offers a low environmental impact.

Episode One: Emotion vs Science

In this episode, Dow’s Marco ten Bruggencate, Commercial Vice President for P&SP in EMEA, and Carsten Larsen, Commercial Director for Plastic Recycling in EMEA, are joined by Jim McClelland, Editor of SustMeme magazine, to discuss ‘Emotion versus Science’ and how that plays out in today’s debate around plastics. It’s a conundrum those of us in the plastics industry face on a daily basis, especially when confronted with images of plastic in our environment – where it absolutely doesn’t belong. But we know plastics have an important role to play in our society and that we have to consider the unintended consequences of eliminating plastic in favour of other alternatives that may result in higher emissions. Our guests discuss how we can balance the emotional response we all feel when seeing plastic waste, with a more logical, scientific approach when it comes to choosing materials.

Episode Two: Bioplastics

Dow P&SP’s Product Director, Thomas Reutter, and Panu Routasalo, Vice President at UPM Biofuels talk about market growth for renewable feedstocks and how this fits with the industry’s plans to reduce its carbon emissions. They discuss why approaches like mass balance are important in supporting market growth for bioplastics, as well as the industry's role in ensuring the growth of renewable feedstocks and the need to continue working together to find more sustainable solutions.

Episode Three: Designing for Recycling

This episode tackles some of the key issues around recycling plastics. Why is it so difficult? What is the difference between recyclable and recycled? Why do recycling rates change so drastically from country to country and even street to street? Dow's Romain Cazenave, Marketing Director for Packaging & Specialty Plastics (P&SP) in EMEA, and Karin Katzer, Marketing Director in EMEA, shed light on this topic and explain how plastic manufacturers can create products that are easier to recycle as well as support recycling systems. We are also joined by Krzysztof Krajewski, Director of Packaging Sustainability at RB, one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies.

Episode Four: Advanced Recycling

This episode discusses game changing advanced recycling technology, which takes hard-to-recycle and mixed plastic waste and breaks it down into its basic chemical elements, allowing waste to become infinitely recyclable. The panel discussion with Dow's Carsten Larsen, Commercial Director for Recycling, Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland and Sirt Mellema, CEO of Fuenix Ecogy Group, looks at what this means for both industry and consumers.