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Join us on a journey to explore plastics sustainability through thought-provoking discussions with industry experts. Plastics have an integral role in many applications, but its easy use often leads to it being needlessly thrown away. How do we solve this? How do we keep the benefits of plastic and create a circular economy where that value is retained for as long as possible? Let’s find out together. From understanding the emotional responses we associate with plastics to the role of legislation, Plastics Unwrapped explores key topics relevant to the sustainable future of plastics.

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Episode Eleven: Decarbonization and circularity – why they must go hand-in-hand

In this episode, Dow’s Marc van den Biggelaar is joined by Oliver Borek, Chief Commercial Officer of Mura, and Virginia Janssens, Managing Director of Plastics Europe, to discuss the importance of decarbonization and circularity working together to help the European Union (EU) meet its ambitious climate goals.

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Plastics Unwrapped Episode eight graphic: Tackling the plastic waste challenge through design
Episode eight: Tackling the plastic waste challenge through design

Explore the roles of design in enabling a circular economy for plastics by delving into the challenges and opportunities of scaling designing for recycling solutions. A panel of guest discuss the role of individual businesses in advancing plastics recycling and set out their own company goals, including objectives for improving waste management, reducing greenhouse gases, and increasing the recyclability of products.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode nine graphic: Working with Africa’s informal waste sector
Episode nine: Working with Africa’s informal waste sector

In this episode, hear about the progressive partnerships taking place across the African continent to transform the way plastic waste is collected through new business models for sustainable development.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode ten graphic: Is plastic the new coal?
Episode ten: Is plastic the new coal?

While the industry agrees that there’s a need to decarbonize plastics, is a comparison to coal fair? In this episode, we explore the journey the plastics industry needs to take to reach net zero emissions and how the smallest of shifts in consumer behaviour can drastically decrease the amount of virgin plastics needed to make packaging.

Plastics Uwrapped Episode 11 graphic: Decarbonization and circularity - why they must go hand-in-hand
Episode eleven: Decarbonization and circularity – why they must go hand-in-hand

A sustainable future requires the creation of a circular economy for plastic, and we must build systems with decarbonisation at the core. In this episode, we discuss what’s needed to create a circular economy for plastics, how we're scaling advanced recycling and considerations for how the industry can reach net zero.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode one graphic: Emotion vs. science
Episode one: Emotion vs. science

Dive into how we can balance the emotional response we feel when seeing waste through a logical, scientific approach when it comes to choosing materials.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode two graphic: Bioplastics
Episode two: Bioplastics

Investigating the world of bioplastics. In this episode, we discuss market growth for renewable feedstocks and how these fits with the industry’s plans to reduce carbon emissions.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode three graphic: Designing for recycling
Episode three: Designing for recycling

Why is it so difficult to recycle plastics? What is the difference between recyclable and recycled? Why do recycling rates change so drastically from country to country and even street to street? This episode discusses the big issues around recycling plastics in different regions.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode four graphic: Advanced recycling
Episode four: Advanced recycling

What is Advanced Recycling, how does it work and what does this game-changing technology mean for our industry and consumers? Carsten Larsen, Iain Gulland and Sirt Mellema join us in this episode to discuss Advanced Recycling as a solution for reducing plastic waste.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode five episode: African landscapes
Episode five: African landscapes

Listen to an open discussion on the opportunities and challenges we face with plastic waste in Africa and an exploration into how key collaborations are shifting the dial on collecting, sorting and recycling rates to build an effective circular economy.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode six graphic: Plastics and the European Green Deal
Episode six: Plastics and the European Green Deal

In this episode, we discuss the Europoean Green Deal and what it means for the plastics industry and what actions organisations such as Dow are taking to ensure they meet the Green Deal’s goal of circularity and climate neutrality by 2050.

Plastics Unwrapped Episode seven graphic: Reducing the carbon footprint for plastics
Episode seven: Reducing the carbon footprint for plastics

This episode delves into the need to reduce CO2 emissions in the plastics industry and how Dow is working towards producing circular plastics with a lower CO2 footprint.

Get ready for brand-new episodes in season three! Our host, Maithreyi Seetharaman, is bringing a bold new take to Plastics Unwrapped, where she’ll explore broader environmental and climate topics facing the plastics industry. Featuring discussions from diverse industry experts, season three will dive into key problems focused on policy, activism and civil society. From scientists to CEOs, Maithreyi will drive conversations and dialogue sessions with guests to facilitate innovative discussions and solutions surrounding plastics.

Plastics Unwrapped season three— coming soon.

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