#PullingOurWeight – Take the Pledge

The campaign aims to spread awareness around responsible waste management and engagement of humankind to address plastic pollution.

Last year, more than 18,000 volunteers, collected more than 175,000 pounds of trash at 175 different cleanups during our #PullingOurWeight campaign, a unique initiative that aims to increase awareness around responsible waste management and engage employees and communities in addressing plastic pollution. Each year, we increase our goals to maximize impact. More importantly, we want to inspire year-long action to lead more sustainable lives.

We hope you will join Dow on our mission to keep plastic waste out of our environment and retain its value as an important part of a circular economy. By taking the pledge, you are committing to work collaboratively with your company and partners to volunteer in an effort to clean up our environment.

After you sign the pledge on behalf of your team or company, what happens next?

  • Join a Dow sponsored virtual training session to review the critical elements of a successful DLIGTW event including discussion of event planning playbook.
  • Select a date and location for event.
  • Execute #PullingOurWeight events and track impact.
  • Companies report out results to a Dow Focal Point.
  • In the next year pledges will encourage one of their partner companies to take the #PullingOurWeight pledge.

Sign the pledge

You will receive more information via email after signing the pledge below. In the meantime, review the #PullingOurWeight playbook.

pledges to keeping waste out of the environment and transitioning towards a circular economy.