Edison Awards

The Edison Awards is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation.

2022 Winners

INFINAIR™ POE for Washable, Breathable, and Recyclable 3D Loop Mattresses

Innovative 3D Loop mattresses are changing the way we look at consumer bedding. INFINAIR™ Polyolefin Elastomers (POE) by Dow enables 3D Loop mattresses that are easy to wash, highly durable, super breathable and sustain a cool temperature. In addition, these mattresses are easier to recycle than mattresses made with traditional foams and could help prevent millions of tons of waste. 

Dow Rubberless Unisole Technology for Lightweight Athletic Shoes

UA Flow and the Curry Flow 8 was a collaborative effort between Dow and Under Armour. Utilizing Dow’s expertise in material science, UA was able to dial in on energy return, shock absorption and traction to enhance the court feel, cushioning and speed of movement without sacrificing durability. This added durability helps extend the life of the shoe and reduce waste. UA Flow is a lightweight shoe made from a single unisole foam material—a direct challenge to most midsoles which are usually made of two or three parts with outsoles made of rubber. This innovative unisole technology simplifies the midsole assembly process with increased manufacturing efficiency and reduced material usage. 

AGILITY™ 1500 Performance LDPE

Speed. Strength. Aesthetics. Flexibility. AGILITY™ Performance LDPE Resins are formulated to offer fast and efficient processing plus excellent optics, strength, and stability for LDPE, LDPE blends, and multi-layer film structures. AGILITY™ 1500 Performance LDPE allows for wide, thin, and consistently clear films with gains in processability and properties for stellar performance. Additionally, it advances sustainability through downgauging and reduced waste, as well as enabling recyclable films and the incorporation of recycled polyethylene.  

REVOLOOP™ Polyethylene Resins

We are committed to stopping the waste and closing the loop for plastics. REVOLOOP™ enables mechanical recycling, giving new life to plastic waste, helping divert it from landfills and keeping it out of our environment. Our post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin provides a highly concentrated PCR formulation, combined with our high-performance resins to offering a single pellet that has improved performance and processability. We set anunprecedented standard for recycled plastics in sustainable, up-cycled applications,such as clear collation shrink packaging and other films, artificial turf, blow molded bottles, and more. 

DOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermal Encapsulant

Today’s power electronics applications, with higher capabilities but smaller form factors, require new thermal management solutions. To meet these twin challenges, Dow provides DOWSIL™TC-6015 Thermal Conductive Encapsulant. For design miniaturization, this product delivers high flow to enable thin-wall molding and low density for weight reduction. To support greater power capability, it provides high thermal conductivity that reduces operating temperatures, as well as superior flame retardancy, meeting the UL 94 V0 standard at 1.5 mm and achieving a relative thermal index (RTI) of 150°C. Other features of DOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermally Conductive Encapsulant are resistance to high-temperature aging, thermal shock aging and high temperature/high humidity aging for improved reliability. This solution also contributes to processing ease, speed and cost savings with primerless adhesion to many substrates and elimination of filler sedimentation, avoiding the need to redisperse the material before use. Target applications include inverters, high-power modules, electric vehicle (EV) chargers and energy storage systems.

Solventless Silicone Release SYL-OFF™ SL 184 Coating

Ever-faster line speeds for label production have created a challenge: misting during release liner coating operations. Mistcomprised of silicone droplets can form at the roll coating head, leading to production inefficiencies and downtime. Dow’s SYL-OFF SL™ 184 Coating, featuring an anti-misting additive, can solve this problem. This solvent-free silicone release coating minimizes mist at very high-line speeds of up to 1,600 meters per minute. It delivers formulation flexibility, fast curing rates and improved substrate anchorage, and will not migrate to the adhesive. SYL-OFF™ SL 184 also ensures a highly stable release force over time. Compliance with food contact regulations under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Germany’s BfR XV makes this coating
appropriate for food labeling applications. Other applications for this release coating include industrial release papers, liners of technical adhesive tapes and non-stick packaging.

RHOBARR™ 214 Emulsion for Paper Barrier Coatings

RHOBARR™ 214 Emulsion is a unique new barrier coating that enables brands and paper coaters to create more sustainable paper packaging that has improved recyclability and is free of materials of concern. The bio-renewable carbon containing composition is applied as a thin coating from a waterborne dispersion, creating a multifunctional oil and grease resistant (OGR) barrier solution for packaging applications including dry foods, confections, and laundry care products. RHOBARR™ 214 Emulsion pairs this excellent barrier performance with heat seal properties in a single layer allowing paper coaters to economically produce more sustainable and recyclable packaging by using less polymer. This product fills a critical unmet need for the paper barrier market and is an important addition to Dow’s RHOBARR™ product line of paper barrier polymers.

Multi-functional Sorbent Technology (MUST) – NETL lead applicant

Multi-functional Sorbent Technology (MUST) is a game-changing suite of sorbents that removes cationic (positively charge) and oxygen-containing anionic (negatively charged) heavy metals from aqueous and nonaqueous sources. Such versatility and low cost make MUST highly effective to clean contaminated waterways and remove metals from electronic and pharmaceutical production processes.