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Key Research

  • Development of Flexible Electronics
  • Computer Modeling of Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Water Treatment
  • Biomolecular Studies


Dr. David Bem, R&D Vice President, Advanced Materials, The Dow Chemical Company

Did You Know?

Dow was named Penn State Corporate Partner of the Year for 2011, recognizing Dow’s breadth of involvement at PSU, including recruiting, research, participation in the classroom, scholarships, support of student organizations, and funding from the Dow Foundation.

News and Highlights


Dow and Penn State have collaborated for decades, publishing in a variety of scientific journals. Recent publications include:

  • Sun, KG; Li, YYV; Saint John, DB; Jackson, TN. 2014. pH-Controlled Selective Etching of Al2O3 over ZnO. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 6, 10, 7028-7031.
  • Zhang, M; Yuan, XP; Wang, L; Chung, TCM; Huang, TZ; deGroot, W. 2014. Synthesis and Characterization of Well-Controlled Isotactic Polypropylene Ionomers Containing Ammonium Ion Groups. MACROMOLECULES 47, 2, 571-581.
  • Chamala, S; Chanderbali, AS; Der, JP; Lan, TY; Walts, B; Albert, VA; Depamphilis, CW; Leebens-Mack, J; Rounsley, S; Schuster, SC; Wing, RA; Xiao, NQ; Moore, R; Soltis, PS; Soltis, DE; Barbazuk, WB. 2013. Assembly and Validation of the Genome of the Nonmodel Basal Angiosperm Amborella. SCIENCE 342, 6165, 1516-1517.
  • Li, YYV; Sun, KG; Ramirez, JI; Jackson, TN. 2013. Trilayer ZnO Thin-Film Transistors With In Situ Al2O3 Passivation. IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS 34, 11, 1400-1402.
  • Liu, YJ; Lu, MQ; Ding, XY; Leong, ESP; Lin, SCS; Shi, JJ; Teng, JH; Wang, L; Bunning, TJ; Huang, TJ. 2013. Holographically Formed, Acoustically Switchable Gratings Based on Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals. JALA 18, 4, 291-295.
  • Vakhshouri, K; Gomez, ED. 2012. Effect of Crystallization Kinetics on Microstructure and Charge Transport of Polythiophenes. MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS 33, 24, 2133-2137.
  • Zhang, M; Colby, RH; Milner, ST; Chung, TCM; Huang, TZ; deGroot, W. 2013. Synthesis and Characterization of Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene with a Well-Defined Molecular Structure. MACROMOLECULES 46, 11, 4313-4323.