Georgia Institute of Technology

With a commitment to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology, Georgia Tech works with Dow on a range of research projects.

Key Research

  • Process Separations Using Novel Materials
  • New Materials for Wire and Cable
  • Combined Unit Operations
  • Process Intensification
  • Gasification and Pyrolysis
  • New Separation Techniques
  • Increasing Efficiency in Hydrocarbon Cracking


Dr. Bob Maughon, R&D Vice President, Performance Plastics and Feedstocks, The Dow Chemical Company

Did You Know?

Georgia Tech is consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States. Georgia Tech’s industrial engineering program has been ranked #1 for more than two decades.

News and Highlights


Dow and Georgia Tech have collaborated for many decades to publish in leading scientific journals. Recent publications include:

  • Xu, LR; Zhang, C; Rungta, M; Qiu, WL; Liu, JQ; Koros, WJ. 2014. Formation of defect-free 6FDA-DAM asymmetric hollow fiber membranes for gas separations. JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 459, 223-232.
  • Nomura, A; Jones, CW. 2014. Enhanced formaldehyde-vapor adsorption capacity of polymeric amine-incorporated aminosilicas. CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 20, 21, 6381-6390.
  • Okatsu, H; Morrill, MR; Shou, H; Barton, DG; Ferrari, D; Davis, RJ; Agrawal, PK; Jones, CW. 2014. Supported K/MoS2 and K/Mo2C catalysts for higher alcohol synthesis from synthesis gas: Impact of molybdenum precursor and metal oxide support on activity and selectivity. CATALYSIS LETTERS 144, 5, 825-830.
  • Ewbank, JL; Kovarik, L; Kenvin, CC; Sievers, C. 2014. Effect of preparation methods on the performance of Co/Al2O3 catalysts for dry reforming of methane. GREEN CHEMISTRY 16, 2, 885-896.
  • Yin, KH; Shou, H; Ferrari, D; Jones, CW; Davis, RJ. 2013. Influence of cobalt on rubidium-promoted alumina-supported molybdenum carbide catalysts for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas. TOPICS IN CATALYSIS 56, 18-20, 1740-1751.
  • Rungta, M; Zhang, C; Koros, WJ; Xu, LR. 2013. Membrane-based ethylene/ethane separation: The upper bound and beyond. AICHE JOURNAL 59, 9, 3475-3489.
  • Liu, Z; Bucknall, DG; Allen, MG. 2013. The use of surface-initiated polymerization to reduce template feature size and facilitate fabrication of 3D freestanding nanostructures. JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH 15, 8.
  • Morrill, MR; Thao, NT; Shou, H; Davis, RJ; Barton, DG; Ferrari, D; Agrawal, PK; Jones, CW. 2013. Origins of unusual alcohol selectivities over mixed Mg Al oxide-supported K/MoS2 catalysts for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas. ACS CATALYSIS 3, 7, 1665-1675.
  • Nomura, A; Jones, CW. 2013. Amine-functionalized porous silicas as adsorbents for aldehyde abatement. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 5, 12, 5569-5577.
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  • Shou, H; Li, LW; Ferrari, D; Sholl, DS; Davis, RJ. 2013. Use of infrared spectroscopy and density functional theory to study the influence of rubidium on alumina-supported molybdenum carbide catalyst for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas. JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS 299, 150-161.
  • Li, LW; Morrill, MR; Shou, H; Barton, DG; Ferrari, D; Davis, RJ; Agrawal, PK; Jones, CW; Sholl, DS. 2013. On the relationship between mo K-edge energies and DFT computed partial charges. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 117, 6, 2769-2773.
  • Venkatasubbaiah, K; Feng, Y; Arrowood, T; Nickias, P; Jones, CW. 2013. Soluble and supported molecular co-III catalysts for the regioselective ring-opening of 1,2-epoxyhexane with methanol. CHEMCATCHEM 5, 1, 201-209.