How do we collaborate to transform waste back into raw material?

The RENUVA™ Program

RENUVA™ is a circular economy program from Dow which attempts to recycle end-of-life polyurethane products in collaboration with the value chain.

Polyurethanes (PU) is a much diversified technology touching many different end applications around the world. Applying the principles of a circular economy will help optimize the use and reuse of resources and ultimately reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills or incineration.

A unique feature of the RENUVA™ Program is its ability to bring the entire value chain together in a new business eco-system model with opportunity for partnerships of recycling companies, equipment and material manufacturers, brand owners and other value chain participants.

The RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program

The RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program sets out to recycle polyurethane foam from end-of-life mattresses. As an example of circularity, the recovered product with recycled content – RENUVA™ Polyol can be used as a raw material for new mattresses or other applications such as building insulation boards.

In July 2020, Dow has announced their collaboration with Eco-mobilier, a French EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) scheme, who will supply polyurethane foam from post-consumer mattresses to the recycling unit at the site of Orrion Chemicals Orgaform in Semoy, France. Learn More

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The RENUVA™ story so far

Join us on our RENUVA ™ journey as we strive to enable a circular economy for
polyurethane products

Recycle, Redesign and Reuse through RENUVA™
RENUVA™ wins two 2019 Sustainability Awards
Dow moves ahead with the RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program
Dow and Eco-mobilier enter into an innovation partnership for the RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program

The RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program

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