The RENUVA™ Program

Our collaborative effort to transform waste back into raw materials

Every year, millions of old mattresses are discarded and stack up in landfills or end up in incinerators. This mattress disposal problem has escalated over the years to become a global issue that requires an innovative solution and collaborative approach.

Through the RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program, we are recycling polyurethane foam from end-of-life mattresses and turning it into RENUVA™ polyols for use in new mattresses and other applications.

Closing the Loop for Mattresses

RENUVA™ has started up! Watch as program partners share experiences and reflect on future of the program and potential impact to the bedding industry.

How do we enable a Circular Economy for Polyurethanes?

Our partners join us to share the RENUVA™ collaboration story.

Collaborating across the value chain

The RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program brings together every touch point in the value chain to create a new eco-system. Recycling experts, chemical innovators, and leading foam manufacturers are helping us to advance a circular future for mattresses.

Introducing the groundbreaking RENUVA™ Polyol

The RENUVA Mattress Recycling Program is on the cusp of implementing the world’s first industrial scale reactor for chemical recycling in France. Here polyurethane foam from end-of-life mattresses will be converted back to its raw material ingredient, the polyol. When operating at full capacity, the Program will recycle polyurethane foam from up to 200,000 mattress per year.

This recycled polyol, the RENUVA™ Polyol, will offer an exceptional performance with no loss in quality, making it suitable for a range of rigid and flexible foam applications.

The Science behind the RENUVA™ Polyol

All your questions about the RENUVA™ Polyol, answered!

The RENUVA™ story so far

A snapshot of the RENUVA™ journey in striving to enable a circular model for polyurethane products.

Let's continue the conversation

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