Together, we are catalyzing employee volunteerism, business partnerships and community connections, to inspire a circular ecosystem through the removal, transformation, and prevention of waste in the environment.

Beach clean-up

Through our #PullingOurWeight program, there are many different ways, including cleanups and collection events, to learn, lead and inspire action in communities where Dow colleagues live and work.

Beach clean-up

In the six years since Dow launched #PullingOurWeight, tens of thousands of colleagues, family members and stakeholder volunteers have collected more than 2.1 million pounds of waste from waterways and watersheds to neighborhoods around the world as part of the largest single-cause volunteer effort in the company’s history.

Beach clean-up

Be inspired towards year-long action to lead a more sustainable life.

You can take waste cleanups, collection, or prevention efforts a step further in your community. Commit to working collaboratively with your organization and partners to volunteer and address waste in the environment.

After you commit, take action:

  • Define a focal point within your organization.
  • Engage your employees in an existing cleanup or sustainability-focused community event to kick off your engagement against waste in the environment.
  • When you are ready, organize your own event with community partner (s).
  • Share your results.