What is the key ingredient to impacting communities through sustainability? Collaboration.

Families, communities, and companies come together to explore using recycled materials for infrastructure.

Person takes a close look at ByBlocks from ByFusion

We need to do better for our communities, and we can make a huge difference if we work together.

One particular thing that I value about team Dow is that we understand it takes bringing everyone to the table to find innovative solutions and make positive change. Everyday I’m inspired to see the impact our collaborations with companies and organizations have on greater society.

One recent collaboration was with Reynolds Consumer Products and an innovative manufacturing company, ByFusion. We used hard-to-recycle materials from the Hefty® EnergyBag® program in the Boise, Idaho area to create building materials that can be used to develop infrastructure such as park benches, bus stops and other outdoor structures. Through our collaboration we not only addressed the issue of hard-to-recycle plastic by diverting materials from the landfill, but we also found creative and circular uses for these materials.

The Dow Business Impact Fund supports this project through a competitive grant program that designates corporate funding toward projects that help address social problems through our technology and expertise.

I had an opportunity to talk to Lisa Burns, Senior Vice President of Sustainability for Reynolds Consumer Products, about this collaboration.

I hope that people see the tremendous opportunity to revitalize their communities with a sustainable purpose. We need to do better for our communities, and we can make a huge difference if we work together.

This project is one of the many initiatives that exemplify the value of collaboration to create a more sustainable future, right where our communities are. If we reimagine the value of materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, the opportunities to provide our communities with functional, sustainable buildings and infrastructures are countless.

Read our case study on Plastics Roads or our blog article on recycling opportunities here.

Julie Zaniewski, North America Sustainability Director P&SP

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