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Episode 7: The Future of Digital


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Episode 7

The Future of Digital

‘Digital.’ Not many words cover such an incredibly large and rapidly evolving space. And A LOT has been said and written about the evolution of digital, with mind-blowing, developments in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and so much more. Today, I discuss how digital drives the customer experience in B2B, as I talk to Dow’s Chief Commercial Officer Dan Futter and special guest Mehdi Miremadi, Sr. Partner at McKinsey & Company and head of chemical practices for North America.

“The industry is going through a rapid transformation, particularly in the last 10 years,” says Mehdi Miremadi. “To me, what is truly fascinating, is that there is a lot of nuance and sophistication in the B2B space that you have to take into consideration when you think about integrating ‘digital,’ as it is an end-to-end topic that applies to operations, to supply chain and certainly also to commercial.”

Dan Futter adds: “This is certainly the case for our industry and for us at Dow, as digital impacts every single element of our business. Throughout my career, I’ve always been mostly focused on what is it like being a customer dealing with my business. How easy is it to find the products that you need? How easy is it to buy these products? How is the experience after purchase? How can I ‘spec’ new innovations? Capitalizing on opportunities in the space of digital is all about trying to understand how we can improve the customer journey and how can we make the experience as easy, as enjoyable, and as effective as it can be.”

Listen to this episode of the Seek Together podcast to learn more about the challenges and opportunities in the adoption and development of digital capabilities to optimize the customer buying experience in the B2B space.

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Dan Futter, Mehdi Miremadi and Eva Saha talk about The Future of Digital

Dan (left), Eva (center) and Mehdi (right) talk about the Future of Digital