Five packaging innovations changing the way we live

Innovative packaging comes in many forms, and quality packaging stems from entrepreneurial innovations, socially and enviornmentally responsible solutions, industry advances and new technologies.

What does life-changing packaging look like in our world? Innovators from across the globe submitted the newest and best in their industries and here’s what we heard: smarter, safer, entertaining, progressive. Here are five innovations that are changing the way we use packaging for the better.

Water-carrying vest

Fritz water vest by Solutions, Inc.

Accessible, clean drinking water is a critical need – one that many people in developing countries must travel miles to get. Rather than carrying a heavy jug, Solutions, Inc.’s Fritz Water Vest allows for 20 pounds of water to be carried more comfortably within a vest.

With a multi-layer nylon structure laminated by a proprietary, quick sealing manufacturing process, the durable vest contains mold and mildew inhibitors – meaning the water stays hygienic and safe. 

Storytelling facemask

Hydration mask packaging by Farmacy Beauty

Farmacy Beauty’s Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask doesn’t come in just another plain box. The honeycomb-shaped jar comes in a box that unfolds like origami, showing a miniature journey through the brand story. 

The steel spatula that comes with the mask stays handy by sticking to the jar’s magnetic lid – that kind of functionality and attention to detail lets brands pamper customers with a packaging design that is more than just a container.

Storytelling facemask

Sani-Stak Take-Out ContainersSani-Stak™ Take-Out Containers from Go To Containers address the elements important when carrying food. The containers nest together, and don’t slide off of one another when in motion. This applies to the traditional clamshell packaging, as well as condiment dishes and other containers. Sani-Stak™ also keeps food sanitary, using PET and bagasse. It can be integrated to be used on containers of various sizes, shapes or materials, creating a portfolio of products that work together for hot and cold meals.

Whether we think about it or not, the way our food and products are packaged impacts quality of life. These packages, all past Packaging Innovation Award winners, improve the way we live. From ergonomics to entertainment, from safety to freshness – these packages made us look twice and keep us looking for the next big game-changer.

Pizza Pod

Pizza PodToday, most pizzas are delivered in square, cardboard boxes, prone to collecting grease and moisture. The Pizza Pod, which doubles as an elevated serving tray, is optimized to absorb maximum oil and moisture, so pizzas stay hot and crispy long after leaving the oven. Composed of 100% sustainably farmed sugarcane fiber, the Pizza Pod is tree-free, compostable, and biodegradable, making it the most sustainable pizza container on the market.

Smarter medication use

PhutureMed PackagingThis “smart” packaging helps patients monitor their medication use and prescription status. In Palladio Group’s PhutureMed™ Packaging, Memo Solution uses sensors and an on-package display so people can monitor and register the time they take their medication. Phill Solution uses conductive inks for flexographic printing, allowing the box to share information with smart devices by sending a signal each time the seal is broken on a blister pack of pills. The combination gives patients – and caring family members – a new way to monitor medicine intake.