Sensai Silk Fragrance Bottle

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The French designer Gwenaël Nicolas was inspired by Sensai – Kanebo’s (Kao Group) prestigious brand’s - roots and DNA for the creation of the first The Silk by Sensai fragrance bottle. Consequently, this precious and delicate bottle was conceived to look like a silk cocoon held in the palm of one’s hand.

The Surlyn® cap fits the glass bottle perfectly. Together they appear as a single body covered in fine lines creating the impression of a soft and delicate fabric, the image of a silk veil caressing the skin. Produced in single injection by the molder, Müller-Werkzeugbau GmbH, the Surlyn® cover allows for this harmonious and contrasting rendering ranging from a transparent to a frosted appearance with light accessing the perfume allowing it to shine from within.

In addition, its surface is not hard like glass but light in accordance with the desired effect. Mr Lamboy, Packaging Director at Kao, explains, \"The choice of Surlyn® has allowed us to obtain the desired aesthetic effects right from the mold, playing on Surlyn®’s ability to copy the cavity’s surface perfectly\".