Dow Introduces New FINGERPRINT™ Grade for the Microirrigation Market

  • The new grade, FINGERPRINT™ DFDA-7555 NT Bimodal Polyethylene Resin, is the first and only bimodal polyethylene (PE) resin for microirrigation.
  • Building from the pre-existing features of the FINGERPRINT™ portfolio, this new grade allows tape manufacturers to make tougher tape at higher throughput with better performance and stiffness.
  • Through the ability to downgauge and incorporate post-consumer resins (PCR), this new grade will have a greater sustainability impact.
  • FINGERPRINT™ DFDA-7555 NT offers the highest density for tape resins in the industry to enable downgauging.

MIDLAND, Michigan – March 6, 2023 – Dow (NYSE: DOW) today announced the introduction of FINGERPRINT™ DFDA-7555 NT Bimodal Polyethylene Resin, an evolution of its legacy FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins. Produced using Unipol™ II process technology, this medium-density bimodal PE resin helps to address the growing need for materials that contribute to reliable, high-performing and sustainable microirrigation systems that can help increase water productivity, improve crop yields and conserve valuable resources.


FINGERPRINT™ DFDA-7555 NT offers better performance and tougher tape for thin wall microirrigation tape applications and profile extrusion applications. Additionally, through the ability to downgauge and incorporate post-consumer resins (PCR) in tape formulation, this product offers the opportunity to make a significant sustainability impact. The tape’s higher stiffness and longevity in long-term and short-term underground tape applications, as well as physical properties enabling the incorporation of materials with reduced properties such as PCR, will play a large role in developing a more sustainable system.

“We are committed to helping our drip irrigation customers and the growers create strong solutions that will benefit their production, bottom line and sustainability efforts for the long-term,” said Stephanie Giles, Customer and Application Development Manager, Dow.

The FINGERPRINT™ portfolio of products has utility as a premium product line for microirrigation applications including profile extruded tapes and tubes. This latest FINGERPRINT™ grade offers microirrigation tape manufacturers who are looking to meet their customers’ increasing demands several key benefits, including downgauged wall thicknesses with better draw down characteristics for converters when producing tape with a reliable balance of extrusion ease and toughness. Furthermore, the new grade has high tensile and elongation properties, excellent burst strength and better crack resistance.

According to the USDA’s Farm Sector Income Forecast U.S., net farm income – a broad measure of farm profitability – is currently forecasted at $113.7 billion, down 4.5%, from 2021. While 2023 has the possibility for better projections, the industry must adopt innovative solutions that will allow for greater production, at a lower cost. Microirrigation systems are a crucial component of the farming ecosystem that deliver vital water and nutrients where they’re needed most – plant root systems. This means that it is critical that the system is built to last year-over-year, even in the most extreme conditions from weather to the everyday hardships of the farm.

“Even beyond durability, there is growing worldwide demand for sustainably-made irrigation systems, which is a key component for us as we continue to work with the industry to ensure our value chain partners have the solutions and products they need to meet their customers’ expectations,” said Rachel Anderson, Research Scientist, Dow.

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