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In 1995 a large paper mill in south central Ohio had a big, ongoing problem. The 220,000 square foot, 12-year old modified bitumen roof over their finished product warehouse had been in constant need of leak repair and maintenance for the past 8 years. The continual loss of inventory was unacceptable and the search for a new roof began. The plant engineer began working with Armko Industries out of Flower Mound, TX. After reviewing all the relevant factors influencing this roof, including the fact that it held a large amount of ponding water after rain and snow events, it was decided to use a coal tar elastomeric membrane.

In order to correct this roof, the first step was to inspect the underside to identify those sections where water infiltration had rusted out the metal decking. The roof covering over the bad deck (approximately 10% of the total) was removed and the metal deck was replaced with a new one. Over this new decking, polyisocyanurate insulation was applied to build the level back up to the old mod bit field membrane that surrounded the new deck areas. A first layer of high-density wood fiber board was screwed down over the entire roof, then a second layer was hot-mopped with asphalt into place.


Two plies of Type IV fiberglass felts were mopped down. The cap sheet was a layer of Hyload 150E, made with DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE roofing resin. It was mopped down in hot asphalt and had hot air welded seam side laps. The Hyload membrane was left bare without any coating or other surfacing. Due to a variety of reasons the work schedule for this roof covered a span of time between 1995 and 1997 to fully complete the 220,000 square foot area.

Since the roof completion up through November 2004, there have been zero leaks. The only maintenance to this roof area has been the occasional removal of debris from the drains. The Hyload membrane is still in excellent condition and there is every reason to believe that many more leak-free years are to come.

Of course, to obtain this kind of performance more than an excellent elastomeric membrane is required – it also helps to have excellent application. Brad Burns and Burt Lytle of Williams Specialty Services made sure this roof was applied the right way and are as proud of the no leak performance as Hyload is to have provided the membrane. As a result of the great experience with this warehouse, Armko, Hyload and Williams have teamed to provide roofing solutions to other critical areas of this mill.

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