Dow Turkey, in cooperation with TIDER, donated food and hygiene packages to over 1000 families in Istanbul and Kocaeli during the pandemic

January 2021 - The pandemic continues to negatively affect the lives of many people in Turkey and around the world. According to the data obtained from Basic Needs Coaches Association in Turkey (TIDER), the number of families who require urgent support from food banks in Turkey, increased by 30% compared to last year. Individuals working in the service sector were the most to be impacted due to the lockdowns and restrictions, which constituted the highest increase.

Considering the growing needs; Dow Turkey, in cooperation with the TIDER, donated food and hygiene packages to over 1000 families in Istanbul and Kocaeli. Donation packages contained basic food that would be adequate to help feed a family, as well as masks and disinfectants that will help protect individuals with inadequate financial status from the epidemic.

Dow and TIDER executives shared their views on the donation.

Dow Turkey and Caucasia President Durmuş Topcu said, "Because of COVID-19 measures, we witnessed an increase in the number of people in need for support. We are happy to be able to make a small contribution to our people with food and hygiene packages during this time”. Fadi Matar, Geographical Communications Director for Dow IMEAT said, “At Dow, we continue to seek innovative ways to provide meaningful and much needed support to our communities. This program is timely as we help address the increasing need and support for basic necessities in the community”.

TIDER General Manager Nil Tibukoğlu Yurdakul added, “We have never stopped our fight against waste and poverty since 2010, even during the pandemic.  It became more difficult to cover the needs in this period, so we cooperated with private sector for support and meet the demand. Now, the products we have purchased with Dow’s contribution will meet the needs of 1100 families over the next month. In addition to food, hygiene kits will be provided to protect our communities during the pandemic. This will be a great support for those in need and affected by the pandemic.

The package distribution is coordinated by TIDER and will be made available to those who are identified by the district governorships.