Dow supports student achievement in virtual classrooms

Young man with laptopAs COVID-19 continues to spread in the US, many schools are opting to provide remote learning for students. As teachers across the country are preparing to share their classrooms and lesson plans virtually, they’re facing new technological challenges. Access to individual computers, cameras and WIFI is limited, but crucial for teachers to provide virtual instruction.

At Danbury ISD in Texas, Dow contributed $55,000 to donations provided by local industry peers to help support the community with access to the tools they need to achieve academic success. New Chromebooks and WIFI hot spots were donated to empower teachers and students, as they meet the challenges of this school year head on.

Dow also worked with the Calhoun County school district to provide grant funding towards the purchase of 30 new digital document cameras. “Prior to having the documents cameras, I would have to stand in front of my board, holding my laptop, and I would write with my marker and hope that my students would be able to see what I was writing,” explained Fjola Briscoe, Calhoun County fourth grade E-Learning Teacher. The digital document cameras allow students to see what the educators are writing from anywhere in the classroom.

At Shields Elementary in Victoria, Texas, Dow provided over $40,000 to purchase new iPads for every classroom, empowering teachers and students to have an effective educational experience. Additionally, Otterbox covers were included to ensure the investment in student achievement lasts well into the future.