Dow spotlights at Display Week 2022 new silicone solutions that promote sustainable innovation in flexible and foldable displays

Company experts are presenting on advanced technologies for improving display fabrication and assembly

SAN JOSE, Calif – May 8, 2022Dow (NYSE: Dow) is featuring here at Display Week 2022, May 8-13, its latest silicone-based solutions for fabrication and assembly of flexible and foldable OLED displays. The first products being launched are the company’s new DOWSIL™ Inkjet-Printable Silicone Optically Clear Resins, offering excellent reliability, good ultraviolet (UV) and chemical resistance and reduced shrinkage. Additionally, Dow is introducing new DOWSIL™ Silicone Hot-Melt Adhesive Cartridge, featuring excellent stress relaxation, mechanical toughness and adhesion to a variety of substrates. Also, the company is showcasing a range of other innovative materials at its booth (#1413), including a photo-patternable silicone technology, a UV-triggered silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) with adjustable adhesion and a liquid silicone optically clear adhesive.


Dow will deliver technical presentations on the two new featured products at the SID International Symposium. The first company presentation, titled “Novel Silicone Hotmelt Adhesive for Display Assembly Applications,” will take place during Session 36 on Wednesday, May 11, from 3:30 - 4:50 pm PDT; and the second presentation, titled “Inkjet-Printable Optically Clear Silicone Resin for Display Fabrication,” will be given during Session 69 on Friday, May 13, from 9:00 - 10:20 am PDT.

“The market for flexible OLED displays is exhibiting strong growth, propelled by trends such as wearable devices and bendable and rollable TVs,” said Jayden Cho, Dow’s global segment leader for Displays & Microelectronics. “Optically clear silicone solutions can make an important contribution to OLED display innovation, production efficiency, performance and sustainability. Dow offers a wide selection of silicone materials that address the requirements of emerging displays and help improve their sustainability through faster processing, better light extraction that saves energy and safer material that enables eco-friendly product design. By combining high performance, specialized properties and easy processing, Dow silicones help facilitate new advances in OLED design, fabrication and assembly.”

Silicone solutions tailored for tomorrow’s displays

DOWSIL™ Inkjet-Printable Silicone Optically Clear Resins for flexible consumer and automotive displays are UV-curable materials that exhibit suitable viscosity for inkjet printing, tunable peel adhesion strength and excellent optical stability. They can help manufacturers reduce process cost and waste and increase production speed by avoiding the need for plastic films, including liners, through replacement with optically clear adhesive.

New DOWSIL™ Silicone Hot-Melt Adhesive Cartridge combines silicone and organics in a unique formulation to deliver enhanced mechanical properties that silicone alone cannot achieve. This solution offers excellent stress relaxation, mechanical toughness and adhesion capabilities for harsh conditions. It is designed for compression molding.

The other novel silicone materials that Dow is exhibiting at Display Week are:

  • DOWSIL™ Photo-Patternable Silicone Technology: A negative patternable material that is more structurally reliable than positive photoresist technology and is suitable for imprint. It is compatible with common industry-standard photolithographic patterning processes. Applications include interlayer dielectric and pixel define layer material.
  • DOWSIL™ UV-Triggered Adhesion-Increasable Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Offers the features of low-to-moderate-adhesion and high-adhesion pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) in one product. Before UV exposure, it is removable for temporary bonding, but becomes permanent following irradiation.
  • DOWSIL™ Liquid Silicone Optically Clear Adhesive: Designed for optical bonding in the assembly of flat/non-flat display modules. Unlike traditional silicone materials, it offers high adhesion and high reliability. For processing flexibility, it provides wet and dry bonding capability.
  • DOWSIL™ Advanced Silicone-Organic Hybrid Materials: Optically clear, non-yellowing materials with higher adhesion strength than traditional silicones and lower water absorption and shrinkage than organics. They can be cured with UV, heat or both. Applications include assembly, coating, sealing and bonding.
  • DOWSIL™ UV-Curable Liquid Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: A one-part, UV-curable, , solventless PSA that offers direct coating onto substrates and tunable peel adhesion. This adhesive enables lamination of uneven substrates inside displays or devices with direct coating.
  • DOWSIL™ UV-Heat-Curable Silicone Hot-Melt Film: Offers a low-temperature post cure after UV irradiation, warpage-free performance and high elongation. It provides excellent gap filling and good strength relaxation for optical encapsulation or lamination of uneven substrates.
  • DOWSIL™ VE-1201H Optical Bonding: A low-temperature-curable optically clear resin for optical bonding of consumer and automotive electronic displays.

Meeting display challenges with innovative materials

At the SID International Symposium, Dow is addressing display challenges such as internal stresses in laminations caused by substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), and demand for new options for the fabrication of high-quality display modules that require long-term reliability. Ryosuke Yamazaki, Dow Toray research scientist, and Juyoung Yook, Dow research scientist, will speak on novel solutions to these two issues, respectively.

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