Dow Izolan donates lifesaving equipment to City Hospital in Vladimir in response to COVID-19

Dow Izolan JV provided the City Hospital No. 2 in Vladimir with personal protective equipment and a new mobile electrocardiograph to be used in the “red zone”.

City Hospital No.2 is the only healthcare organization in Vladimir with an infection department for adults and children. During the pandemic, there is a huge shortage of PPE and Dow Izolan helped to meet these needs. New safety goggles and protective coveralls for healthcare professionals have been delivered to the hospital recently.

The healthcare professionals are struggling to handle a large number of patients from the “red zone”. Many people need ECG testing to ensure accurate treatment and to avoid any complications. The new mobile electrocardiograph purchased by Dow Izolan is an essential device to evaluate the patient’s condition. It helps to take electrocardiograms fast and easy. The Hospital staff appreciated timely assistance a lot.

Sergey Anikin, general manager of Dow Izolan, met the Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital to discuss personally the essential needs and provide the targeted and sustained support. “Contribution of our business community is as vital as the governmental one and we understand that our regional healthcare professionals are under-resourced. We are doing our best to maintain ongoing partnerships and provide support in time. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all medical staff for their dedication and professionalism during this uncertain period,” said Sergey.

As of November, Dow Izolan donated a portable cardiograph and oxygen concentrator, which produce oxygen vital to patients. Starting December 1, 2020 the hospital will be fully equipped to operate as a dedicated COVID-19 relief hospital.