Dow in partnership with Foodbank Victoria provides for more than 28,000 meals to underprivileged families impacted by COVID-19 in Australia

July 8th 2020 – In the midst of a cold winter and the uncertain covid-19 situation in Australia, Dow in partnership with Foodbank Victoria will make available more than 28,000 meals to underprivileged low-income families in the Australian state of Victoria, bringing relief to those who are struggling from the impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

food bank suppliesDemand for food relief across the State is growing rapidly, at an alarming and unprecedented rate. During May, foodbanks across Australia reported a 78% increase in the number of people seeking food relief. Foodbank Victoria is seeing a new demographic of people needing help; the newly unemployed, temporary visa holders, international students, and those in isolation or lockdown who are unable to access food. 

Australia Food Bank truck“Through Dow’s global citizenship commitment, we are able to support others in our community in their time of need. The covid-19 situation has added to difficulties faced by these underprivileged families and we hope that these meals will bring comfort to them.”

Dow’s donation of USD 10,000 (approx. AUD 14,300) goes directly to Foodbank Victoria and the meals will be delivered through a network of charity partners, making them most accessible to the needy. The donation will help 340 families (based on an average family size of four) this winter.