Dow Launches New Generation of High-bonding Adhesive for EV Batteries

New, innovative thermal elastic high-bonding adhesive solutions improve safety, sustainability and integrated assembly of EV battery packs

Shanghai, China – November 5, 2022 – A new generation of VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives has been introduced by Dow (NYSE: DOW) at the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE 2022). The New VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives significantly enhance the safety, durability, sustainability, integrated assembly and overall performance of electric vehicles battery packs. This breakthrough innovation comes through Dow MobilityScience™, Dow’s innovative solutions for the transportation industry. This new series of adhesives has been successfully applied to the "Magic Cube" batteries used by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) MG 4 (MG MULAN).

Across the global transportation industry, there is an increasing demand for smart, automated, electrified and low-carbon solutions, as new generation of electric vehicles become safer, greener and more innovative. In recent years, the industry’s growth has been fueled by innovations in battery packs and their mass production. Especially SAIC's "Magic Cube" batteries come along with complex and stringent requirements for material bonding and cell

The person who in charge of MG 4 (MG MULAN) 's research and development claims that the company has overcome numerous difficulties in R&D process, particularly with regard to the technical iteration and commercial mass production of Magic Cube batteries, because of the company’s strict requirements for global high quality. Dow and SAIC R&D team collaborated to continuously improve technologies and products during the product research and development period to achieve rapid iteration. This effort eventually led to the creation of the ideal high-standard and high-quality bonding adhesive solution, which resulted in ground-breaking advancement for the project.

Additionally, Dow's VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives comply with the European Union RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations, both of which applied to the products to be sold in the EU. Therefore, with the RoHS and REACH certifications, VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives can also boost the global development of MG 4 (MG MULAN) when combined with Dow's global layout.

The innovative VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives are being released primarily for bonding cells with insulating bottom shells, upper cover plates and side plate stiffeners, including electrified E2 platform cells’ bottom high-bonding adhesives, upper cover high-bonding adhesives, and side panel high-bonding adhesives.

Driving safety ensured by higher and more stable bond strength.

  • Meeting the vibration challenge of electric vehicles: With VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives, the industry can effectively meet the daily vibration challenges of battery packs with low amplitude and high frequency. Its lower storage modulus provides long-term absorption of vibration energy and makes batteries safer and more durable
  • Maintaining strong bond strength in harsh environments: The excellent aging resistance of this product series meets the bond strength requirements in accelerated aging tests.
  • Enhancing the durability of battery packs: VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives are perfect for bonding between different substrates. Because of its superior asymmetric interface bonding capabilities, the battery pack lasts significantly longer, and interface stress is notably reduced.

Green development of electric vehicles with sustainable innovation.

  • Reducing battery weight and enhancing battery life: All-aluminum alloy and composite battery pack casings are increasingly popular with rising demand for lightweight automobiles. As the shell material cannot be welded or riveted, high-bonding adhesives reduce the number of auxiliary parts for reinforcing ribs, reducing the weight of batteries and the full vehicle.
  • Supporting sustainable development with bio-based materials: Dow's product formulations contain bio-sourced components, which supports clients’ journey to lower carbon emissions.
  • Making it easier to dismantle and recycle battery packs: Using Dow's revolutionary primer materials and the VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives, the battery pack recycling and disassembly process becomes simpler and easier.

Improved production efficiency through more integrated assembly.

  • Flexible curing technique appropriate for various assembling conditions: With its specially developed latent curing technique, VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives obtain accelerated curing strength at various temperatures. It can be cured at room temperature or increased temperature to fulfil the specific needs of various industries
  • Low-hardness, equipment-friendly filler formula: The high-bonding adhesives from the VORATRON™ MA 8200S range are made with a low-hardness filler compound. It is helpful to reduce wear on important mixing equipment and minimizes maintenance checks, while enabling optimal production and assembly.
  • Unique hydrophobic formula combination reduces maintenance burden: As a result of its unique formula design, the isocyanate component of VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives offers superior water resistance. This simplifies manufacturing and storage, with increased latitude of production conditions, reduced equipment maintenance, and possibility of high-intensity continuous production.

Owing to its innovation and performance, VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesive was also named a finalist for the 2022 R&D 100 Award, recognizing new commercial products, technologies and materials for their technological significance.

“We have achieved a number of innovative breakthroughs and outstanding achievements through our deep collaboration with SAIC, said Dr. Weiguang Yao, Chief Technology Officer, Dow Asia Pacific. “All these have been possible due to our unwavering pursuit of quality excellence and strict adherence to high standards. The successful application of VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives to MG MULAN not only represents Dow's promise to be "customer-centric," but also demonstrates Dow's commitment to promoting innovation and development in the electric vehicles industry."

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