Dow’s insights into silicone coating trends and technologies featured at AWAVirtual™ Label Release Liner Industry Seminar

Through presentations and panel discussions, company experts collaborated with other industry leaders to seek sustainable, productive solutions for the future

MIDLAND, Mich. – September 29, 2020 – Dow (NYSE: Dow), together with other industry leaders, is seeking to achieve the vision of a more-sustainable pressure sensitive labeling industry through matrix and liner recycling. As proof of this commitment, Dow experts gave two presentations and took part in panel discussions at the AWAVirtual™ Label Release Liner Industry Seminar on Sept. 9. Lori Dehlin, technical service and development scientist, presented on technological developments in release liners, and Alex Knott, technical service and development senior scientist, spoke about the status of recycling release liner and matrix waste materials. Nathalie Gerard, regional marketing manager EMEAI for Consumer Rubber and Pressure Sensitive Industries, participated in the panel discussion on “Silicone & Coating Trends and Technologies.” Dow’s virtual booth during the seminar provided downloadable resources and enabled customer meetings.

“This virtual event was a great opportunity to share our perspective on release liner trends and technologies and gain insight from our industry colleagues,” said Grace Zhang, global marketing director, Consumer Electronics, Dow. “Based on our deep understanding of this industry, Dow is developing new silicone solutions that can help increase productivity and performance, reduce total system cost and enhance sustainability. Our global R&D infrastructure and technical capabilities enable us to work closely with customers to meet their changing requirements and drive mutual success.”

During the seminar, Dow discussed the following silicone coating industry trends, technologies and challenges:

  • Misting in high-speed manufacturing. Affecting both film- and paper-based release liners, misting increases with roll speed and can lead to additional maintenance, coating impairments, and potential health and safety impacts. Dow is developing novel, solventless, anti-misting technology to enable faster coating processes to help resolve some of these issues.

  • Advantages and drawbacks of paper and filmic substrates. Advantages of paper-based substrates include opacity, cost-effectiveness, thermal resistance and sustainability. Film-based substrates offer transparency, a smooth surface, strength at low basis weights, and good lay-flat and die-cutting properties. A disadvantage shared by both types of substrates is anchorage, due to the low surface functionality of film and the increased use of new clay coats on paper, coupled with higher coating speeds and the use of very low platinum concentrations.

    To support customers that choose paper substrates, Dow is working to optimize total system costs and reduce the amount of raw material used by developing coatings that are designed for thinner and less-refined papers.

  • Innovative ways to improve productivity. Silicone solutions can contribute to productivity through optimization of coat weights and low misting at high speeds. Dow is developing flat release profile technologies that address the growing demand for faster converting speeds and throughput.

  • Technical considerations for liner and matrix recycling. Dow is committed to offering solutions and providing education to enable matrix and liner recycling. For example, the company has partnered with RecuLiner bvba, a Belgian firm focused on sustainability in the self-adhesive labelling industry, to develop a recycling technology for converting paper release liner waste from self-adhesive labels into a range of end products.

Dow silicone coatings and solutions are available worldwide through Dow’s extensive network of industry associates.

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