Dow announces website for its pioneering silicone ablative materials

MIDLAND, Mich. – January 31, 2022 – Dow (NYSE: DOW) Dow has announced that a new website,, is now available to connect customers to successful DOWSIL™ protective silicone ablatives and new material innovations for rapidly growing spacecraft and satellite applications.


“We’re pleased to make this new resource available to our customers in the avionics, aerospace and defense industries,” said Cody Schoener, Consumer & Electronics Marketing Manager. “Launch cadence is growing at an ever-increasing pace and demand for cost-effective, reliable and scalable protective materials is at an all-time high. Emerging technologies such as reusable rockets, small satellites, drones, hypersonic missiles and mobile rocket launchers present numerous challenges, making asset protection paramount. As we’ve done for nearly 80 years, we’re meeting the challenge with both heritage ablatives having decades of application history, as well as new and innovative ablative materials, protecting launch infrastructure and deployment devices, as well as heat shielding external surfaces on space and defense vehicles.”

Visitors to can:

  • View an ablative product comparison page that includes live heat, thermal heating and cooling profiles, as well as 3D product renderings before and after heating at 3,500°C
  • Browse the video library
  • Explore product detail pages
    • DOWSIL™ 93-104 Ablative – Offering excellent protection, this two-part silicone elastomer has tough, tenacious char characteristics and durability to weathering elements. It can be used for protection of launch equipment exposed directly to rocket blasts, and for thermal shielding on vehicles traveling at hypersonic speeds.
    • DOWSIL™ 3-6077 RTV Silicone Ablative – Offering robust protection, this two-part, non-slumping silicone elastomer with tough char characteristics offers protection for high-heat-flux environments, such as ablative coatings, and protection from both direct and indirect exposure to rocket blasts on launch structures.
    • DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable RTV Ablative – Offering durable protection, this one-part, non-slumping, room-temperature-cure sprayable ablative provides good flame and flux resistance, and cost efficiencies with application flexibility. DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 can be sprayed, rolled or troweled to reach desired thickness in just one application and cures within 24 hours.
  • Download application guide
  • Download DOWSIL™ LPA-4000 Sprayable RTV Ablative competitive comparison information
  • Connect to Dow’s network of technical specialist’s global supply base and high-class customer service

Exploring the frontiers of tomorrow
Since developing the first silicones for aviation in 1943, Dow has had its eyes on the skies and has never stopped innovating. Dow’s class-leading ablative materials are designed for application flexibility, ease of use and sustainability, and provide asset protection with improved efficiency and reduced cycle time. Additional benefits include:

  • Exceptional performance in high-shear, high-heat-flux environments
  • Tough, tenacious char characteristics
  • Thermal stability from -65°C to +200°C, and for short periods of time at temperatures greater than 3,000°C
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture and ozone
  • Flexible application options
  • Room temperature and heat-curing options

“It just might be that the next frontier is something yet to be defined – and we welcome the opportunity to push the limits and explore the frontiers of tomorrow with our customers,” said Christopher Windiate, Senior Technical Service & Development Specialist, “ makes it easy to connect with our expert team, so we can do just that.”

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