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Exceptional Combination of Aesthetics and Function Earns DuPont Surlyn® a Key Cosmetic Packaging Role at AmorePacific

A lip gloss tube combines glass-like transparency with squeezable flexibility. A cream jar and essence bottle achieve visual harmony between high gloss and a luxurious frosted appearance in forms that imbed a circle or a cylinder within a square.

These are recent examples of the remarkably diverse aesthetic effects made possible with DuPont Surlyn® which, coupled with toughness, freedom from chipping and breaking and chemical resistance, have made it one of the preferred cosmetic packaging materials across the multiple brands of AmorePacific. The Korea-based Asian leader in cosmetics and skincare is well known for innovation, both in its formulations - many of which are based on advanced nanotechnology - and in its appealing packaging, targeted at today's modern woman. Enjoying an estimated 35 percent market share in its home market, AmorePacific is currently preparing to expand its activities globally.

Transparency and Flexibility
The tube portion of Laneige Shining Lip Gloss is the first of its kind to offer two desirable attributes in one - transparency and soft flexibility - plus the advantages of chemical inertness and lack of environmental impact. According to Hak-Chan Kim, Senior Manager of Engineering Design at AmorePacific, \"Physical and chemical tests have demonstrated the superiority of Surlyn® 8920 resin over other materials such as PE (polyethylene) in terms of aesthetics, performance and manufacturing ease. Its glass-like transparency allows the consumer to fully appreciate the colors and pearlized aspect of the product inside.\" Hak-Chan Kim describes the soft/transparent duality of Surlyn® as \"a very interesting combination with broad potential for applications in other cosmetic products.\"

Interplay of Gloss and Frost
AmorePacific's youth-oriented Hera brand, which expresses a \"modern rendition of Eastern beauty,\" employs contrasting textures of glass-like gloss and soft frosting in the distinctive packaging of its Hera Age Away Final Cream jar. Based on the simple geometry of a circle within a square, the lower portion of the cream jar, introduced in 2004, is made of SAN (styrene acrylonitrile) set within a chunky square of frosted Surlyn®. Its cap features a gleaming square of crystal-clear Surlyn® 8945 over a circular shape of gold-colored vacuum-plated ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and an inner layer of polypropylene.

The squared-off casing of Surlyn® PC2000 used for Hera Age Away Modifier, another 2004 launch, is in two parts: a frosted lower portion and a transparent cap superimposed over a gold-colored vacuum-plated ABS inner cylinder with a built-in pump dispenser. Hera Age Away Eye Serum employs similar packaging.

Aside from its warm, pleasant tactile quality and luxurious appearance, Surlyn® boasts additional consumer-friendly features, such as lightness and scratch resistance, plus the significant manufacturing advantage of allowing the production of thick parts with a clear, glass-like quality or an attractive frosted effect in a single injection-molding operation.

Artistry in Fragrance Caps
Surlyn® has become a mainstay for the decorative caps of fragrances marketed under several AmorePacific brands. The cap for Hera Mhun eau de toilette, for example, further strengthens Hera's unique \"circle in a square\" visual identity with a boldy squared-off element of transparent Surlyn® placed over a golden globe-shaped cap made of plated ABS. Here again, the ease of achieving optimum thickness and transparency is an advantage of the material, coupled with excellent resistance, a soft touch and infinite design freedom.

Other cap designs made of Surlyn® include a dramatic multi-faceted shape in rich red for Hera Zeal eau de toilette and sensuously curvaceous shapes for the range of colognes and eaux de toilette sold under various eSpoir fragrance brands, distributed primarily in the Korean and Chinese markets.

Projecting a Sophisticated Image
Surlyn® is the key packaging element throughout the extensive product range of AmorePacific's top-of-the-line \"signature\" brand, which is spearheading the company's expansion into the American market, in addition to its wide presence throughout Asia. The AmorePacific range, which includes cleansing, energising and revitalising products based on Asian root botanicals encapsulated in nano-particles, features opaque white frosted Surlyn® combined with contemporary chrome in many of its jars, bottles and tubes. Aside from its desirable functional qualities, Surlyn® projects the image of luxury and high quality that characterizes the company's concept of \"energetic skincare\". The brand's ultimate Time Response Skin Renewal Crème introduces a new \"gold standard\" in its sophisticated jar made of frosted Surlyn® combined with golden accents of vacuum-plated ABS.

Hak-Chan Kim credits a long and close working relationship with DuPont, which dates back to 1990, with the breadth and variety of Surlyn® applications in AmorePacific cosmetic packaging. \"We appreciate its moldability - especially in thick parts -plus the outstanding variety of aesthetic effects and the luxurious look and feel, all of which is in keeping with the quality image of our brands. Surlyn® challenges us to think creatively.\"