Adidas Originals Perfume Bottle

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To create the bottle for the brand’s first perfume, Adidas Originals contacted Jeremy Scott. It was perfectly reasonable then that the perfume bottle should take on the form of a winged shoe, recalling the iconic pair of “Jeremy Scott Wings” sneakers designed by the creator himself.

The oversized wing-shaped bottle cover was created thanks to the unique qualities of Surlyn®, which allow for the most complex forms to be created. The choice of DuPont™ Surlyn® PC350 was dictated by its adaptable aesthetics: it offers both transparency and opacity, and the frosted appearance used on the cover’s wings.

For the converter, Germaplast, the first challenge was to design a wing-shaped mold with perfect joins. This allowed the DuPont Surlyn® cover to be completely integral with its base, and for the pump to clip directly on to it without an insert – a choice that was both aesthetic and economic.

\"Adjustment of the cap on the bottle was also very delicate, because of the specific tolerances of the glass to which the Surlyn® cover had to adapt in order to create the seamless continuity of the wings on the bottle-shaped shoes\", explains Jean-François Pauly, project manager at Germaplast. Because the angle of the pump is not vertical, a dual system of rice grains (axial and vertical) had to be designed to ensure the cap stayed on the pump.

In addition to providing a technical answer to these particularly complex specifications, and not only because of its exceptional visual qualities, Surlyn® resin has been adopted by the brand because it combines a soft physical appearance with functional benefits: robust and unbreakable, it does not chip and has good chemical resistance.

Released as a limited edition, this new top-of-the-range Adidas fragrance has taken off. More than a simple beauty accessory, it is a collector’s item, expressing the full aesthetic potential of Surlyn®.