BEST Symposium

BEST - Building Engineering & Science Talent Symposium

Dates: July 29-August 1, 2024
Location: Midland, MI 
Application Period: April 30, 2024

For invited candidates, all associated costs will be paid for by Dow (this is a full day immersive in-person event)

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BEST in Action

This video was recorded in 2018, prior to the pandemic

Dow’s BEST Symposium is primarily intended to introduce Black, Latinx, Native American U.S. doctoral and postdoctoral scientists to the wide range of rewarding careers in industrial research, and in particular, the many opportunities with one of the world’s leading materials science companies, Dow. This conference, developed jointly by our minority scientists and Ph.D. recruiting team, demonstrates our commitment to a diverse and inclusive work force.

BEST participants will:

  • Gain a broader understanding of Dow’s science and technology areas
  • Interact with all levels of R&D scientists & leadership
  • Network with other early career scientists
  • Learn about the skills necessary for a successful career in a global organization
  • Learn what industrial recruiters look for in PhD and PostDoc scientists
  • Be exposed to an array of career opportunities in industrial research

Preferred degree areas are chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, physics and closely related fields. Applicants must have a doctorate degree received by December 2024. For maximum individual benefit, a limited number of applicants will be chosen to participate.

Participants in the conference may be considered for future employment at Dow. However, participation neither obligates the student to apply for employment, nor guarantees future consideration for employment by Dow. For those wishing to learn more about opportunities, please visit our careers page.

BEST participants can expect to learn more about Dow’s:

  • Technology and expertise
  • Facilities and capabilities
  • Inclusion and diversity strategy & programs
  • Research Assignments Program
  • Recruiting tips & practices
  • Successful R&D careers

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with:

  • A.N. Sreeram, Senior Vice President Research & Development and Chief Technology Officer.
  • Members of the global R&D Leadership Team
  • R&D technical leaders and fellows
  • Former BEST participants, now Dow employees

"I found this experience tremendously enlightening and interactive. You really gave the impression that Dow is a great environment and if what we saw was any indication then I certainly hope to find myself there in the future."

"The talks gave me insights from the inside about what a career in industry is about. This was important to me since I've always been interested in working in industry. The interaction I had with the company's leadership and the level of professional cohesiveness I saw impressed me."

"From what I learned about Dow at BEST, I now tell people it's not just a big company but a really great one."

“The skills that I learned were more valuable than many grad school workshops that I took.”

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to participate in the BEST Symposium. This was my first time to attend such a function and I want to admit that the experience I got was uniquely enriching. I learned a lot about the wide range of stuff that Dow produces, the working environment in the company and opportunity for professional growth.”

Please direct all inquiries to:

Karena Smoll 2023 BEST Chair
+1 979-238-7001

James Walker, 2023 BEST Co-Chair
+1 989-636-4102