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Purchasing, Procurement & Logistics Careers


Dow employs more than 400 people in Purchasing around the world. These employees are dedicated to delivering substantial and sustainable competitive advantage to Dow businesses and customers. We manage the purchasing and payment of more than $68.5 billion in goods and services each year in over 160 countries.

Professional Roles

Dow Purchasing ensures that the Dow businesses, internal clients and customers we support have the materials and services needed to run an efficient, profitable enterprise. This activity, as well as the management of the entire process around it, is organized into “commercial” areas as follow: Raw Materials / Packaging Materials / External Manufacturing

This group is responsible for the external sourcing of all raw materials and packaging components used in the manufacturing of products packaged and sold to customers around the world. The group is also responsible for the commercial agreements associated with external manufacturing used to support our business manufacturing strategies.


Work with business, marketing and sales leaders to position and promote Dow products and services to a wide variety of customers and markets through trade media relations, advertising, digital and social media, website experiences, literature, direct communications, trade shows, and events.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations / Capital Goods / Engineering, Procurement & Construction

This group manages the purchasing engagement in all engineering projects, as well as the purchase of both capital goods and spares for all equipment, at Dow manufacturing sites.

Corporate Services

This group is responsible for the global sourcing of all services required to support Dow functions including Information Technology, Human Resources, Public Affairs, Research and Development, Office Services, Business Process Outsourcing, and Travel. They are also responsible for managing the commercial relationships and agreements with a number of outsourcing providers.

Purchasing Transactional Services

The Business Process Service Center (BPSC) group ensures the smooth running of the ‘procure to pay’ processes and manages the entire value chain from purchase order creation to vendor payment and account reconciliation.

Purchasing Expertise Center

The Purchasing Expertise Center owns all work processes and systems used by Purchasing and is responsible for their sustenance and continuous improvement. The center is also responsible for Compliance and Quality of Purchasing and provides purchasing support for all mergers, acquisitions and divestitures in the Company.

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