MBA Leadership Development Program

A Development Program For Executive-Level General Managers That’s Tailored To Each Individual

Dow's General Management Leadership Development Program is not a rotational program. It offers internships leading to potential full time opportunities for a highly select group of accomplished professionals who aspire to executive-level general management roles.
Dow leaders who joined the company through the General Management Leadership Development Program share their experiences and perspectives on this challenging and rewarding opportunity. Watch a video of their stories to learn more about the program.

Since inception, 80% of interns have been extended full-time offers
Interns are recruited from among first year, full time, MBA candidates across five targeted schools. The internship is conducted over the summer between the first and second year of school, and is a requirement to be considered for a full time offer in the program. Full time offers are extended to interns at the conclusion of the internship, based on performance and mutual fit. Start dates are typically the following August and upon the candidate’s successfulcompletion of the MBA. Upon acceptance, Dow works with each individual to identify initial assignments based on individual interests, capabilities and business needs. This is not a rotational program, and each individual can expect a unique series of diverse and highly impactful roles, not a pre-programmed sequence of jobs with prescribed duration. Examples of roles that full time program hires may experience within the first five years of joining the company include: Corporate Strategy Development, Finance Director, Global Business Director, Strategic Marketing Director, and Global Product Manager.

Additional Full Time Position Highlights

  • Above market compensation
  • Potential tuition reimbursement
  • Accelerated career path based on performance, achieving “top 2%” business leadership roles in 5-7 years
  • Continued engagement from program leadership throughout onboarding and early assignments
  • Opportunity to work across a variety of businesses, domestic locations, and potential international assignments
  • Ability to have a significant, positive impact on global challenges


  • Desire to lead a large international business in a Fortune 50 firm
  • 5 to 7 years of relevant work experience prior to business school
  • Strong critical thinking skills, demonstrating commercial and financial acumen
  • Comfortable in a “humble yet high performing” culture, requiring effective teamwork while also demanding a high degree of individual accountability
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and high level of Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”)
  • Internships are offered to first year, full time MBA candidates, only. The internship is a requirement for full time roles in this program


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