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Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) and Sustainability Careers

Create the world you want to live in. Work with academia, government, environmental groups, and other companies to minimize the impact of industry on the environment.

Want to help shape the future?

Join us in one of our EH&S and Sustainability roles.

Want to help shape the future?

Develops facility-specific EH&S training and determines training requirements and standards. Tracks and communicates overall EH&S performance, influences and intervenes with respect to EH&S.

Emergency Services and Security

As one of our Emergency Services and Security professionals, you would be joining a team of industry leaders in Emergency and Security Preparedness and Response.

Environmental Regulatory Management

Provide regulatory expertise on EH&S and implementation support to Dow sites and businesses. Advocate for Dow positions with external stakeholders and develop external research organizations. In addition to consulting, the Epidemiology Expertise Center conducts studies to ensure company products are safe for customers, employees, and communities.

Industrial Hygiene

Provide technical expertise on exposure assessment to Dow businesses and their customers. In addition, provide consultation and guidelines on health-related issues like respiratory protection and ergonomics.

Life Cycle Assessment

Play an integral part in Dow’s externally recognized Sustainability program and help promote life-cycle thinking by creating Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) with our business leaders. Interact with Dow businesses and with partners in the value chain and academia. Our sustainable chemistry concept is designed to promote life-cycle thinking within Dow and considers social as well as environmental aspects in our assessments. LCA is a powerful tool, not only for Dow but also for the value chain, consumers, and governments.

Occupational Health

Provide a comprehensive set of occupational health services, as well as consulting to Dow leadership, businesses, and other functions such as Public Affairs & Government Affairs and Human Resources. Occupational Health staff members play a key role in driving the success of Dow’s health strategy.

Process Safety

Leads the creation and application of multiple advanced specialized Hazard Assessment methods for all Dow Facilities and projects globally. In addition, executes complex studies as part of advanced quantitative fixed asset hazard assessments and for Land Use Planning, as required per Process Risk Management Standard.

Product Sustainability

Get involved in company-wide interactions to support the sustainable development, manufacturing, and sale of new and existing products. In addition to ensuring products are safe for people and the environment, Product Sustainability team members champion the development and implementation of product sustainability strategies for Dow’s various businesses. Many members work with external stakeholders, such as the value chain partners and regulators, in order to improve risk characterization and management practices.


Provide specialty-specific expertise and advice to Dow businesses through the Toxicology Expertise Center and Research Laboratory. Conduct laboratory-based studies to understand and address human and environmental health, regulatory, and product stewardship concerns.

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