Learn more about our apprenticeship programs in Switzerland.


Program details

Apprenticeship programs are a longstanding tradition in Switzerland; they are well supported and requested by the Swiss Government. The apprenticeships enable young people to combine learning in school with learning in workplace settings. The vocational education and training system in Switzerland is the mainstream upper secondary program. It prepares a broad cross-section of students, including high achievers, for careers in a range of occupations. It enjoys very strong support from Swiss employers, who credit it with being a major contribution to the continuing vitality and strength of the Swiss economy. One major of the strength of that economy is that Switzerland enjoys virtually full employment, with a youth unemployment rate that is the lowest among developed countries.

Program Objectives

Vocational and professional education and training is a mission shouldered by the Swiss Confederation, the Cantons, and professional organizations. These three partners are jointly committed to the highest possible standard of apprenticeship programs and strive to ensure that there are an adequate number of apprenticeships and courses available. The aim of the program is to identify, recruit, and train talented young people and ensure a smooth workforce and succession planning into the laboratory as well as administration positions. Young students learn on the job from older employees, enriching their professional and personal experiences, transitioning their expertise, company culture, and values, and closing intergenerational gaps.


  •  Horgen


  • Laboratory Technician Chemistry
  • Plastics Extrusion Technician
  • Commercial/Administrative Specialist

Program Structure

Duration: Depending on the profession, the time line can vary from 3 to 4 years

Dual system: Learning in school and at Dow

Learning in School: 1 to 2 days per week in school to learn theoretical background of the chosen profession

Learning on the Job: 3 to 4 days within the Company in rotation at plants plus internal theoretical classes

Graduation: Graduation after 3 to 4 years at the end of the program. Written and practical examinations required.

Contract Type

During apprenticeship: Limited contract

After successful graduation: 12 months limited contract as part of our Young Talent Program or hired for an open permanent position with unlimited contract.

Time line:

  1.     Sourcing: August
  2.     Interviews: September/October
  3.     Offers: November
  4.     Onboarding: August of the following year
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