Apprenticeship Programs in Spain

In 2011, Dow Iberica in Tarragona launched the Regional Dual Vocational and Practical Apprenticeship Program, to both tackle the ageing workforce situation and to promote youth employment at a country level. Dow Iberica has signed an agreement with the regional government and the chemical specialized technical vocational centers to partner in a dual education/apprenticeship program for chemical plant operators, analytical technicians, and industrial maintenance craftsman. Every year, the most talented students of the “chemical and maintenance industry” at the technical vocation centers (approximately 20 operators and 10 maintenance craftsman) are selected to follow this apprenticeship program including both academic and practical training. The best students completing the full program are eligible for a contract with the Company subject to hiring needs and available vacancies. This initiative matches local labor market needs with a modern and targeted technical education and a better-qualified workforce, while also promoting and influencing careers among the young population.

Program Objectives

Our goal is to identify, recruit, and train talented young people and ensure a smooth workforce and succession planning at the manufacturing site. Young students learn on the job from older employees, who share enriching professional and personal experiences, transmitting expertise, Dow Company culture and values and who close intergenerational gaps.


  • Tarragona North
  • Tarragona South


  • Chemical Plant Operators
  • Analytical Technicians
  • Industrial Maintenance Technicians (Mechanical, Electrical, and  Instrumentation)

Program Structure

Duration: 2 years

1st year: Training at School and hands-on training at Dow

2nd year: Remunerated contract at Dow

Final Step: Students passing Gate keeping 3 will potentially be hired according to Dow’s needs (no obligation to hire)

Contract Type

During apprenticeship: Temporary, full-time contract

After successful graduation: Permanent or temporary positions
Job points after graduation: 058


  1. Sourcing: May/June
  2. Interviews: June/July
  3. Offers: September
  4. Onboarding: 1st October at the latest
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