Training Curriculum


The module-based training curriculum is designed to meet the needs of various stakeholder groups. To better meet these needs, two training tracks have been developed.

Track 1 - General Awareness for Non-responders (1.5 hours)


Participants will receive a general understanding of the roles and responsibilities of those that may be involved in responding to a hazmat emergency involving Toxic Inhalation Hazards/Flammable Gas commodities; participants will also be given a railcar overview tour of the Safety Train cars at the training site.

Track 2 - Hazmat Tech Training (All-day session)

Tank cars

Locomotives and Tank Cars
Learn what safety precautions to take when responding to a rail emergency, how to identify different types of tank cars, and how to interpret tank car markings, placards, and train manifest (consist) information.



Toxic Inhalation Hazard Materials and Flammable Gases (classroom setting)


Learn about the basic physical, chemical and toxic properties of the most common TIH and flammable gas materials; understand how to safely approach an incident scene and what precautions to take during the response and how to use the TRANSCAER® process for pre-planning for these types of events.


Capping Kits


Men in front of tank cars

Learn how to identify different types of tank car fittings, where they tend to leak from, and hands on installation of the C-kit and Midland kit. (CHLOREP Informational Bulletin)

Leaks Approach, Investigation and Mitigation
Hands on practice with simulated leaks (compressed air and water) from various protective housings.


Tank Truck Course Ethanol Emergencies


Tank Truck with instructor

Participants will learn about general tank truck anatomy, including the features and operation of tank trucks, trailer/product identification methods, and basic spill/emergency response techniques as they apply to this mode of transporting hazardous materials.

® TRANSCAER is a trademark of Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response.

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