Dow-IOC Carbon Partnership

Creating a Lasting Legacy

Combining Sport And Science For A Sustainable Future

As the Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), we will continue to support the Olympic Agenda 2020 and the IOC’s Sustainability Strategy. We leverage our technologies and science-based solutions to develop and implement carbon mitigation programs, and deliver climate benefits that extend the program’s reach and influence globally.

Sport & Science

Dow is leveraging the Olympic brand to drive engagement and implement a series of impactful mitigation projects that will balance the IOC’s operational footprint and support its carbon neutrality goal, while demonstrating environmental leadership on a global level.

Enabled by Dow’s Climate Solutions Framework, our sustainable solutions will be used to implement 10 projects tailored to country-specific needs and will mitigate GHG emissions in the areas of infrastructure, transportation, packaging and manufacturing.

The innovative partnership uses sport and the Olympic brand as platforms to demonstrate how science and technology can help the transition to a lower-carbon society, and introduce solutions that will benefit future generations.

Transformative Models

The Dow-IOC Carbon Partnership is the first collaboration named under Dow’s “Leading Blueprint” 2025 Sustainability Goal, which is focused on developing collaborative frameworks and projects that integrate public policy solutions, science and technology, along with value chain innovation.

Dow is working with academic, industry, government, and NGO partners across the globe to understand local market environments, and identify opportunities to increase awareness and adoption of energy-efficient, and low-carbon technologies.

The IOC Sustainability Strategy and Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals reflect how sport and business play an important role in supporting The United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Partner Of Choice

Dow’s local and global strategic partners enable us to make a greater impact in a shorter amount of time. Our collaborations allow us to create better products, which help solve some of the greatest sustainability challenges.

From our successful partnerships, we have developed an expert method based on the best-available GHG standards and science, which guide the quantification and GHG mitigation programs for events.

As part of our partnership with the IOC and as the Official Chemistry Company of the Olympic Games, Dow launched innovative cross-sector programs that balanced emissions in previous Olympic Games. By 2026, our programs are expected to exceed 4 million tonnes in CO2 reductions.

Building a Sustainable Future

We invite our customers and partners to download our brochure and statement to learn how our initiatives can be utilized to gain competitive differentiation through sports and sustainability expertise.

Collaboration opportunities in our focus areas

In collaboration with the IOC, Dow works with multiple collaborators and partners to evaluate technologies and support implementation of economically viable projects that will deliver climate benefits and maximize positive impact.

Built Environment

Building a sustainable future together

Food & Packaging

Working across the value chain to implement less carbon-intensive practices


Promoting cleaner and resource-efficient pathways to production


Addressing needs of more sustainable transportation