Food and Packaging

The Challenge

Studies predict that as diets change and the world’s population grows to 9 billion people by 2050, food production will need to increase by at least 60 percent to meet the global demand. This challenge, plus the need to address climate change, makes it urgent to protect ecosystems, use land more productively and reduce food waste. By taking a holistic approach across distribution, storage and packaging, Dow can help create solutions to optimize the entire value chain.

Our ability to apply innovation and technology to food production, preservation, and packaging, and our work in partnership with different value chain actors, can help us meet the challenges of increasing and securing food supplies, while conserving natural resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Maximizing Impact Through Sport and Sceince

We are now looking for partners to work with on packaging projects, accelerating the adoption of advanced solutions that drive resource efficiency and improve properties of recycled materials. GHG emission reductions are generated from reducing food loss, waste and transport emissions throughout the value chain. We will quantity these reductions and give them to the IOC to balance their operational carbon footprint. Our goal is to achieve 100,000 tons of CO2 equivalent of verified emissions reductions globally.

This initiative brings together convertors, brand owners, retailers and other packaging value chain partners to positively impact the environment.

Changing the Game

Food packaging

Implement specific projects with brand owners, retailers and converters driving the adoption of more sustainable packaging solutions. Alongside technology improvements, our projects integrate societal activities that demonstrate industry’s commitment to jointly address the issue of plastic waste.

Target Partners

  • Convertors
  • Brand owners
  • Retailers
  • Academia, NGOs

Industrial Packaging

Demonstrate ways to create environmental value through smarter packaging in the logistic sector.

Target Partners

  • Convertors
  • Brand owners
  • Logistic companies