How can we create a more circular world for packaging?

Transitioning to a circular economy is not only vital to the preservation and protection of our planet’s natural resources, but also to business success. It’s about rethinking the traditional, linear “take-make-dispose” way of doing business to adopt new ways of working that maximize the value and use of our resources.

Plastic waste is one of the most important sustainability issues of our time, and so we’re taking action to close the resource loop. Dow’s 2030 vision is to have the products we sell into packaging applications be 100% reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2030. And to get there, we’re employing a strategy that includes increasing the impact of partnerships.

Webinar: Reducing Food Loss and Waste

As much as one-third of the food produced globally is lost via the supply chain or retail and consumer waste. Investment in, and adoption of, more sustainable packaging can help contribute to addressing food waste, climate change and circular economy issues. Join us for a webinar on October 29th to learn more.

Let’s change the game together

Food packaging

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) for meat and seafood

Impact: Integrate new packaging technologies that preserve food freshness and deliver quantifiable environmental impacts (greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction through food loss mitigation), while raising awareness with consumers on the issue of food loss and its importance.

Project Start: 2019

Location: Japan

Press release: Dow to sign Carbon Project Agreement with AEON to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through food packaging solutions

Project video: Vacuum skin pack packaging(日本語)

Case Study: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through better food packaging

Winning collaborations:

Industrial packaging

Demonstrate ways to create environmental value through smarter packaging in the logistic sector.

Target partners
  • Convertors
  • Brand owners
  • Logistic companies

Collaborating to do our part for climate change

When partners in the value chain work together, we can make a difference. Learn more about Dow low carbon solutions.

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