Dow's Carbon Partnership with the International Olympic Committee

Bringing Together Sport and Science for a Sustainable Future

Through strategic collaborations, we provide expertise, advance best in class technologies and deliver tangible, verifiable sustainability gains to society through sports.

Dow’s carbon partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is an example of one such transformative collaboration, where the platform of sport and the power of science unite to catalyze the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies for a positive climate legacy.

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What if we went one step further?

The Olympic Games represent the apex of athletic prowess—challenging athletes to achieve the seemingly impossible. With a rich history in the world of sports and as a WorldWide Olympic Partner and the Official Chemistry Company of the Olympic Movement, Dow has also been inspired to challenge the status quo.

Through Dow’s carbon partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the excitement, energy and challenge of sport is combined with groundbreaking science to generate real third-party verified climate benefits. To really push beyond business as usual, Dow is helping enable greenhouse gases (GHGs) reductions beyond the Olympic Games and host cities to some of the world’s highest output industries.

Alongside customers and key partners, Dow is bringing innovation and carbon expertise to tailored mitigation projects in building energy efficiency, packaging and recycling, and industrial applications.

To date, the cumulative GHG reductions from Dow’s three carbon programs, which include Sochi 2014, Rio 2016 and the IOC programs, have reached more than 5 million tonnes of CO2e.

The Markets We Play In

Dow’s carbon partnership with the IOC focuses on empowering a positive climate legacy, advancing a circular economy and driving game-changing collaboration across industries. Meet the partners who challenge us, push us, inspire us and bring out the best in their industries to prioritize sustainability for future generations.

Built Environment

Buildings and construction account for 39% of related carbon dioxide emissions, according to the World Green Building Council. Moving the built environment sector to a lower-carbon path requires creative value chain teamwork.

By collaborating with leading façade and construction companies, engineers and property developers to introduce new & existing energy-saving solutions, we’re aiming to break barriers to a stronger, more sustainable built environment.

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As of 2019, the global packaging industry generated an estimated $900 billion annually, with a steadily high growth rate projected through 2022. Factors at play range from the boon of e-commerce, to increasing global populations and a growing emphasis on branding and design. As a result, the risk of environmental waste is high. The way we produce, package, store, consume and dispose of materials matters now more than ever.

That’s why Dow is prioritizing working with convertors, brand owners, and retailers along the value chain to change the packaging narrative through:

  • Raising consumer awareness of plastics and proper recycling
  • Introducing the latest sustainability methods in logistics and packaging such as light-weighting
  • Increasing recyclability of packaging through new innovations in packaging technology


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Manufacturing & Energy

Industry and energy are critical drivers of global economic growth. As such, the industry is in a unique position to help build an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

By making a few practical operational changes, companies can realize significant environmental and economical gains. In fact, a single energy efficient improvement in industrial operations can have the same impact as the actions of thousands—or even millions—of individuals. That’s game-changing.

Our collaborations within this market are designed to:

  • Push performance in industrial efficiency.
  • Catalyzing the use of low-carbon technologies and cleaner energy sources.
  • Empower companies across the globe to make practical operational changes for profound impact.


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Sport Can Be a Business Game-Changer

The same chemistry and solutions used to enhance the world of sport, can also enhance the performance, safety and sustainability of applications in other high-growth sectors.
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