Sustainability Through Sports

Through strategic partnerships, we provide expertise, advance best in class technologies and deliver tangible verifiable sustainability gains to society through sports.

Bringing Together Sport And Science For A Sustainable Future

Dow combines the power of sport and science with the power of collaboration to catalyze action on climate change and help build a sustainable future. Our strategic partnerships advance best-in-class technologies and deliver sustainability gains to society. Sport is our starting point, a sustainable future is our destination. Learn more about Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Leaving A Lasting Legacy Around The World

Dow is a Worldwide Partner and the Official Chemistry Company of the Olympic Movement and now, the Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Built on the success of carbon mitigation programs with the organizing committees of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games and Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Dow and the IOC are taking carbon mitigation program beyond the Games and host countries. As the Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Dow will help to enable the carbon goals of Olympic Agenda 2020 and the IOC’s Sustainability Strategy. We bring our materials science expertise, technologies and science-based solutions to develop and implement carbon mitigation programs and deliver climate benefits that extend the program’s reach and influence globally. The combined results from the projects implemented have to date delivered 4.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) and by 2026, the reductions are expected to exceed 6 million metric tons of CO2e. Together, sports and science are helping to create a lower carbon economy.
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Sustainable Future Programs: The Triple Win Opportunity

Collaborating in new and meaningful ways is essential for the transition to a sustainable society. Through our “Leading the Blueprint” 2025 Sustainability Goal, Dow is focused on developing collaborative blueprints that integrate public policy solutions, science and technology, and value chain innovation.

Our Sustainable Future programs are designed to support sustainability strategies of partners and create a positive and lasting legacy, while also offering a collaborative blueprint that others can follow.

We leverage Dow’s broad technology portfolio in applications that have the potential to generate significant long-term climate benefits including:

  • Enabling a Low-Carbon Future
  • Advancing a Circular Economy
  • Enhancing the Built Environment

Dow 2025 Sustainability Goals

The Dow Climate Solutions Framework

Our Sustainable Future programs follow the principles outlined in Dow’s Climate Solutions Framework.

Dow has created an innovative Climate Solutions Framework to encourage wider adoption of technologies and activities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Originally developed for events, the Framework allows organizations, in collaboration with industry partners, to implement a structured, yet flexible, approach to quantify and offset the impacts of their activities while also leaving a positive legacy through the adoption of innovative low-carbon technologies. Incorporating existing best practices in GHG measurement and reporting, The Framework takes a rigorous approach to the development of a portfolio of GHG mitigation projects.


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Our Impact Since 2014

Through our Olympic Carbon Mitigation Programs, Dow has already delivered to date 3.64 million tonnes of CO2e as of December 2017. By 2026, the programs are expected to exceed 6 million tonnes in CO2 reductions.

Download our reports below:

  • Dow’s Olympic Carbon Program Report – 2018 Edition
  • Dow’s Rio-2016 Carbon Program Report – 2016 Edition

Within these reports, we describe Dow’s efforts to build capacity, drive change and achieve the adoption of low-carbon technologies. We hope the lessons learnt will provide actionable advice to organizations across sectors to help build effective partnerships and accelerate the introduction of more sustainable technologies globally.

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Partnerships In Action

Official Carbon Partner Of The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

Helped Mitigate the Sochi 2014 Carbon Footprint before the Games Began

Official Carbon Partner Of The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee

Created a Legacy of Low-Carbon, Energy-Efficient Technologies in Latin America

Official Carbon Partner Of The International Olympic Committee

Combining the Power of Sport and Science for a More Sustainable Future