Professional tennis player playing on club court

Dow & Tennis

What does tennis have to do with materials science? To achieve the unique performance goals of athletes, facilities, and equipment, you can bet materials science is working behind the scenes. Through the annual Dow Tennis Classic and decades of research into distinct technologies that alter performance, Dow has a lot more to do with tennis than you might think.


Shaping the future of tennis

From stadium infrastructure to athlete equipment and apparel, Dow technologies play a key role in serving solutions that keep tennis moving forward.


Dow Tennis Classic

For more than 30 years, the Greater Midland Tennis Center has hosted the Dow Tennis Classic, the largest and longest-running US Tennis Association (USTA) World Tennis Tour event that attracts professional women athletes from around the world.

Beyond Sport & Science

Beyond the excitement of the event itself, which draws an average of 15,000 fans, the Dow Tennis Classic is a huge part of the Midland community calendar. In fact, the Dow Tennis Classic generates a total economic impact over $1.5 million for the Great Lakes Bay Region.

In addition to bringing the excitement of world-class tennis to mid-Michigan, the players also make time to visit schools and educate students about tennis, the importance of health and wellness, and expose them to the diverse backgrounds of players from around the globe. We understand the importance of bridging connections between these leaders of tomorrow and the professional athletes of today to help instill the importance of embracing cultural diversity, personal excellence and reaching for your dreams.


Serving new levels of sustainability

Tennis balls have not fundamentally changed in over 40 years but after collaborating with Dow for almost one-and-a-half years, Wilson designed a new fully sustainable, high-performance tennis ball – TRINITI™.

Using the power of science through elastomer technologies in the core, low-pressure Wilson TRINITI™ tennis balls last up to 4x longer than traditional counterparts. Their unique core formulation also allowed Wilson to innovate for sustainability, packaging the balls in an FSC-certified container that’s more easily recyclable than traditional PET, pressurized containers.

Game. Set. Match.