Science of Sports

Sports help bring science to life. Explore how we’ve collaborated with customers and sports partners to solve a wide-range of challenges with science-based sports technology and innovations..

Success stories

Foam Powers Under Armour's Most Technically Advanced Shoe

Dow and Under Armour collaborate to design new lightweight Curry Flow 8 basketball shoe that enhances comfort, durability, and allows players to turn on a dime.

Sustainability at its Core: A Better Ball for the Planet

Wilson Sporting Goods utilizes Dow’s rubber-elastomer blended core technology to design a new tennis ball that eliminates the need for hard-to-recycle PET, pressurized containers.

First LED-Illuminated Sports Stadium in Eastern Europe

Reliable LED floodlights provide illumination under intense conditions and UV exposure.

International Olympic Committee Headquarters

Material science solutions power one of the world’s most sustainable building from the inside out.

Teeing Up Plastic for a Second Life

Dow GLBI organizers team up with recycler KW Plastics to convert mesh fencing and signage into resin for golf tees.

Breathing New Life into Old Trafford

The home of the world’s biggest football club gets a new structurally glazed main entrance / atrium that is powered by silicone technology.

Dow and USA Luge: Making the Fastest Ice Sport Even Faster

Dow scientists tap into world-class R&D and state-of-the-art technologies to develop new sled designs that are faster, more tuned and more precise.

The Science of Cool: PyeongChang 2018 Ice Rinks

Heat transfer fluids help enable precise temperature control to create ice surfaces tailored to the needs of different ice sports at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

Elite Turf Technology at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Innovative artificial turf surface uses Dow’s resins, designed to deliver a higher-performing and consistent field-of-play, for Rio 2016 hockey competitions.

Products & Sports Technologies

From making structures stronger and more efficient, to powering the future of electric vehicles, material science and physics is at the heart of it all. Our innovative solutions are helping improve performance and sustainability in and through the world of sports.

  • Building silicone solutions help provide design flexibility and reinforce stadiums and skyscrapers, as well as enable outdoor illumination.
  • The same heat transfer fluids commonly used in HVAC systems for buildings and stadiums are also used to help make ice rinks work by maintaining optimal ice conditions.
  • Polyurethane and elastomer technologies for walls, roofing, flooring, artificial turf and sports tracks, enhance weatherproofing and comfort to increase durability and surface life.
  • Mobility innovations such as cooling fluids, elastomers, plastic technologies and more help deliver safety and comfort benefits for automobiles both on the track and on the street.
  • Architectural and industrial coating technologies help protect and beautify stadiums and recreation centers.
  • Sun care solutions help boost UV performance of sunscreen, provide wash-off resistance, and improve spreadability to protect fans' skin health while watching the game, or when athletes play outdoor sports.
  • Polyurethane and elastomer technologies help improve the rebound and dimensional stability of athletic shoes.
  • Silicone solutions enable enhanced performance in sporting goods like swim caps and snorkels, while elastomer, ionomer, and plastic additive technologies help create long-lasting tennis and golf balls.
  • Improved UV and weathering protection, vibrant colors, lightweighting and more for rotational molded products such as kayaks, playground equipment and coolers.

The Science of Sports Can Be a Business Game-Changer

The same chemistry and technological solutions used to enhance the world of sports and physical activity can also enhance the performance, safety and sustainability of applications in other high-growth sectors like Building & Construction and Packaging.

Spark any ideas? Connect with us to discover what powerful sports solutions might be transferable to your business.