Advancing sustainable solutions

We believe in sustainable business that creates positive social change.

We prioritize sustainable solutions that aim to:

  • Support informal and formal waste collection
  • Support circular economy solutions
  • Support research and data to drive evidence-based environmental action
  • Address climate change and fund activities targeting mitigation of climate-change-related risks
  • Discover new uses and ways of using Dow products for social sustainability

Business Impact Fund

Our Business Impact Fund designates corporate contributions toward new, business-aligned global citizenship initiatives that solve social problems through our own technology and expertise. Funding proposals come directly from Dow employees worldwide, tapping their unique skills, business knowledge and diversity of locations and experiences. Since launching in 2016, the Impact Fund has supported 58 projects totaling nearly $12 million in investments. In total, Business Impact Fund projects span 22 countries.

Recycling for Change in Brazil

Project Masaro in Indonesia

Project Butterfly in South Africa

Hefty® EnergyBag® program

Project Yba in Brazil

Creating a connected tomorrow in Ghana

Enhancing cyclist safety with durable green bike lanes


Our partners in sustainability

We team up with non-profits and industry partners to solve global challenges. These sustainable solutions include finding new ways to use Dow products, value chains and resources for environmental and social good.

Habitat for Humanity Terwilliger Center

Keep America Beautiful

Ocean Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy


Collaborating for sustainable materials

Dow is keenly focused on its collaborative mission to help end plastic waste in the environment and serves as an active and founding member of the most comprehensive cross-value chain initiative of its kind. By working together, we can find sustainable solutions that help make us meet global goals and a more sustainable business.

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