Building inclusive communities

We believe in inclusive communities where all people feel seen, heard, respected and included.

By generating awareness of diversity-related challenges and supporting organizations that respect unique differences and perspectives, we cultivate inclusive communitiesby:

  • Helping communities thrive by partnering with local organizations to create more diversity and inclusionin the places where we live and work
  • Inspiring and empowering more inclusive learning environments
  • Addressing systemic discrimination and inequity to accelerate change

Employee resource groups at Dow

One of Dow’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), the ALL IN ERG Fund, is a competitive grant program that addresses diversity and inclusion and equity needs in communities. Since the Fund launched in 2019, Team Dow has supported 25 projects in 16 different countries worldwide.

Our social responsibility partners

It’s part of our corporate social responsibility to support non-profits committed to raising ID&E awareness. We also seek to improve inclusive communities for all, including diverse, underrepresented and vulnerable populations.

We Must Act

Dow ACTs (Advocacy, Community and Talent) is a bold framework designed to address systemic racism and inequality within our Company and in the communities where we live, work and play. In 2020, we pledged $5 million over five years to help accelerate change.

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