United Way

Whether you are talking about the annual "Dow employee campaign" for the United Way of Midland County, the Dow Employee Contribution Drive in Freeport, Texas, or the campaign that begins with a United Way Jambalaya Cookoff in Louisiana, Dow employees lead the effort to bring community needs to the attention of other Dow employees.

While efforts in response to special needs and circumstances exist in the individual Dow communities across the United States, it is the United Way programs that are the focus of broad employee communications and personal invitations to help meet challenging community goals.

The United Way campaigns succeed at Dow because they encourage employee involvement at every level of campaign planning. The message is clear. The people that United Way helps are our neighbors, our friends, and so very often, our families. When the crisis hits, it is great to know that many Dow people cared enough to support these agencies with special resources to help.

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