#TeamDow: engaging for community impact

We are committed to empoweringouremployees,so they canget active intheir communities.

Whether through the dedication of time, talentor expertise, we believe that volunteering promotes a positive employee experience, further supports Dow’s global citizenship priorities and investments, and, ultimately, the community impact advances our Company’s ambition.

2025 Sustainability Goals: engaging for impact: communities, employees, customers

Our peoplewill directly apply their passion and expertise to advance the well-being of people and the planet.

Community impact through clean up service projects

Through global waste cleanup campaigns and educational events, Dow as a corporate volunteer,raises awareness with employees, communities, customers and key stakeholders about responsible waste management and addressing plastic pollution through the #PullingOurWeight initiative.

Engaging to support equity and social justice: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Team Dow is encouraged to make MLK Day a time “on” to reflect on events that have shaped our history and give back to others through a national day of service. Like Dr. King, Dow recognizes that service breaks down barriers by bringing people from different backgrounds together.

Our community impact partners

We team up with non-profits and industry partners in our communities to deploy our greatest resource, our peoplewho make up Team Dow, for a positive impact.

Investing in Team Dow: Paid time off to volunteer and engage in Employee Resource Group activities.

In February 2021, we announced our first-ever Volunteer and ERG Participation Policy, which will allow our employees paid time off to volunteer with community organizations and engage in Employee Resource Group (ERG) activities. The policy is designed to support and encourage employees to participate in ERGs and give back through corporate community service for a strong impact.

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