Our Sites

West Virginia Operations is based in South Charleston, West Virginia. Operations consist of three separate facilities including the South Charleston Manufacturing Site, the South Charleston Technology Park and a site in Institute.

The South Charleston Site is a manufacturing facility that produces more than 500 different chemicals and plastics, and serves as a redistribution facility for chemicals manufactured at other locations. Several of the plant's units are ISO-9002 or equivalent registered.

The South Charleston Site is also a multi-company site. Bayer Corporation owns and operates the Polyols Production Unit. The Polyols unit was formerly owned by Union Carbide. Today, Union Carbide provides staffing, services and utilities to Bayer.

Union Carbide facilities at the Institute Site produce about 500 million pounds of specialty chemical products annually. Nearly all of the site’s units are ISO-9002 or equivalent registered.

The South Charleston Technology Park is a center for engineering, research and development and integrated data processing.

Major facilities include research and development laboratories, several chemical pilot plants, polyethylene pilot plant operations center and an engineering center. Also present are essential auxiliary facilities such as environmental protection facilities, store rooms, maintenance shop facilities and test and inspection operations required to support the primary site functions.